Oman- Desert Dam-Wadi Ad Dayqah

20th Oct 2015

Wadi!!! In Arabic countries this is called a valley or lake that is dry except in rainy seasons.The wadi dayqah which is described is a "BIG" valley...:) It's a Dam...between some big mountains. This is situated in Quriyat village which is almost an hour and half drive from the capital of sultanate Muscat..

Sitting in a limestone wadi (valley), Wadi Dayqah Dam was built to collect periodic rain fall and control water flow.

Operating since 2012, this stunning sight of construction is the highest in Oman, stretching out to 8km with a capacity of holding 100 million cubic metres of rain water.

This is a beautiful spot which is near to Muscat....Wadis form a unique environmental system characterized by variety, diversity and a wealth of natural attractions....This dam is the biggest dam in sultanate...It consists of two with 75 metres height and other one with 48.5 metres height..The dam water is 8km long and it can hold 100 million cubic metres of rain water...Friends...Attached some beautiful pictures for you guys to enjoy...