rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve

11th Feb 2021
Photo of rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve by hari s sharma
Day 1

There is talk of jungle

 Our gypsy was slowly moving into the jungles of Pench.  Three four kilometers ahead, they saw jackals.  The jackal walked four steps, then looked right, then looked left.  Something would turn back after walking away.  This sequence repeats again and again. There is probably no more cautious animal in this world than it is said that a lion never hunts a jackal, instead it steals its food.  The Pench Sanctuary is bordered by Maharashtra in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. It is spread in Seoni, Chhindwara in Nagpur district of Maharashtra. It is a vast area and therefore there are many through its accession.  We stayed with our close friend posted on the three-friend Khawasa border.  Woke up with them at 4:00 am to reach the Pench Sanctuary. Maruti Gypsy of the Forest Department and left for Van Vihar with a guide.

 I was more fascinated by the screw sanctuary.  Mowgli's saga derives from these forests.  The animated serial made on it has very beautiful dialogue and signature lyrics written by Gulzar.  Jungle jungle baat chala hai It is learned that the echo of the bloom wearing the trunks has remained today.  We set out in the gypsy to see the same flower.  The story of Bagheera and Mowgli has their place but the stories of the forest are no less here.  If you discuss with people around here, you will find that a tiger was seen in this village today.  He picked up the cow or else killed a pet.  Tales of a wild animal fight of a tribal become the headlines of newspapers.  Occasions happen occasionally but always live among people in the form of stories.  People's life has got so much mixed with the forest and the wildlife, they are able to separate it from themselves.  The forest also does not allow them to separate.  Their livelihood runs from this.  People belonging to the naïve tribal community run their homes in very few places.

 As the gypsy continued to move forward, guides belonging to the tribal community of the forest department were giving information about the national park.  He said that thousands of tourists come here but only a few lucky people get to see the tiger. He smiled when asked whether we would be people or not.  It was cold in the early morning of March, as flocks of deer appeared as gypsies began to enter the forest paths.  At times the reindeer were seen sitting quietly and ruminating, and somewhere a herd of buffaloes was seen.  Langur other animals and birds did not count in the dense forests.  At one place, a huge tree whose roots had responded, stood dry.  When asked why not drop it, the guide said that according to the law of the forest, it is left to death as much as possible. It falls and decomposes itself.  Then it removes.  In this process, many animals find shelter in it.

 I remembered an essay I had read in Class VI.  In which it was written about wildlife.  It was also very well explained about how close the society and forests should come and why.  After a long time, looking at the forest closely, the words of that essay really came true.  People like us who live in the plains, to go near the forest, visit the dense forest gives a different experience.  These types of earth provide inspiration to stay connected with nature. Perhaps this is the reason that more and more people are moving to the national park and a consciousness has been awakened throughout the country about plantation and protection of forests.

 At one place the guide told the driver to stop.  Suddenly a group of wild dogs called dhol appeared.  There was a strange panic at seeing the dogs looking dreadful.  The film running on Discovery is remembered. Gaid said that they are so dangerous that even Tiger is afraid to go near their herd.

 In Pench, three to four routes have been set by the Forest Department for tourists.  Tourists leaving at 6:00 am are sent in different directions.  The gypsy leaves by turning around at the three root and bringing it back to its place at around 12:30.  We had traveled 2 routes.  But darshan of Tiger Maharaj was rare.  Asked the guide that the tigers of today show full force.  The guide excitedly took us on a new route.  In the middle, there used to be a river.  There was a forest of thick trees and a clump of bushes, the grass was different.  What happened suddenly happened.  The ear of the guide stood up.  He immediately told the gypsy driver to stop the car.

 There was a strange glow on the guide's face.  It seemed that he was confident that Tiger would be seen.  All of us were waiting a little.  Suddenly, the voice of the monkey was heard.  The langurs jumped from one tree to another, from one branch to another and started looking for safe places.  There was chaos in the forest.  On the other hand, the deer sounded his own warning and warned his companions.  The birds also started making noise.  The guide is the movement of Bola Tiger.  There was a similar scene that was informing Vanraj's arrival or his presence.  A scene seen on Hu Bahu Discovery was being staged in front of us. Suddenly some distant flicker has two glowing eyes and a golden colored face in an attack pose.  We all got excited and wanted to showcase the thrill.  We felt that today we can see live hunting.  Suddenly the leaves rustle and Vanraj vanishes in an instant. But that scene is still captivated in the eyes and thrills.  We could not see the tiger hunting, but we felt directly what kind of jungle there is before the hunt.  Which was more important than watching Tiger closely.  We came back and stopped at the Rukdar Hotel of the Tourism Development Corporation.

 Tourism Development Corporation's 5-room Rukhda Hotel and Restaurant is a favorite for those who visit or visit the sanctuary or pass through the highway from Seoni to Nagpur.  We also stayed there for about 2 days.  Nestled amidst dense forests, the hotel offers a unique experience.  As the night began to roll, a strange quivering sound of anguish would come to a halt for some time. It was a deer's mating call.

 After stopping for the night, got out for a walk in the morning, jumped the walls of the hotel and got down into the dry river. With the help of the river, he only went within 2 kilometers for the poles.  With great difficulty, he persuaded friends and brought him back to the hotel.  Arriving at the hotel and reading the newspaper, there was news on the front page that in front of the road at night, the tiger, along with the family, strolled on the road and crossed the road and stopped traffic for about 3 hours.  When we people of the plains go to the sea, to the mountains or to the sanctuary, then we should follow the laws there.  But in the fun and excitement of tourism, we break all the rules and many times fall victim to unpleasant incidents.  Therefore self-governance is very important in tourism.

 There are many sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh but Pench has its own importance and this importance is increased due to Rupyard Kipling's Jungle Book and Mowgli's saga.  It is very easy to reach here by road from Nagpur and from Seoni in Madhya Pradesh.  It is connected to Chhindwara by rail and to Nagpur.  Nagpur can be reached by air.  The screw has adequate stopping food and drink.  There is no problem with having a big resort, hotel in the middle of the jungle. One must visit this sanctuary to get close to nature and must watch episodes of Jungle Book before going for a tour.


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Photo of rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve by hari s sharma
Photo of rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve by hari s sharma
Photo of rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve by hari s sharma
Photo of rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve by hari s sharma
Photo of rupyard kiplings mougaly land ; pench tiger reserve by hari s sharma