5 Places in the Netherlands You Need to Bookmark for Your Next Europe Trip

Photo of 5 Places in the Netherlands You Need to Bookmark for Your Next Europe Trip by the_tripster

Whenever people start planning a trip to Europe, Netherlands has to be a part of their itinerary and this is predominantly because of the party capital – Amsterdam! But there is so much more to see in the Netherlands apart from Amsterdam. There are so many hidden gems in the Netherlands, and one needs to have complete details about all these places to craft a complete itinerary.

On my last backpacking trip, I spent almost 2 weeks in the Netherlands to experience the diverse culture but more so to do justice with the underrated beauties of the Netherlands.

So here are the 5 places you need to consider while planning your trip to the Netherlands;

1) Amsterdam: The gateway to the Netherlands. Since the international airport is in Amsterdam, it happens to be the first destination for any traveler who wants to explore the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a buzzing city where life never comes to a halt. It has a fast-paced culture versus any other city in the Netherlands.

There are so many things to explore within Amsterdam and the best way to travel is to hire a bicycle and pedal through the city. You can visit Vondel park to spend some quiet time or if you are interested in knowing the history you can go and visit Van Gogh Museum or if you are a beer lover you must have Heineken experience and if you are a party animal you can go and enjoy a lively night at Bull Dog Café or wander through the red light streets of Amsterdam.

2) Zaanse Schans: Just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam you can visit a quaint village set in the 17th century – Zaanse Schans. A village that runs on windmills and the place where you can have all the varieties of cheese that the Netherlands has to offer. If you are a cheese lover, Zaanse Schans is heaven for you. For me, it's one of the most instragrammable destinations of the Netherlands.

3) Giethoorn: The car-free village of the Netherlands. About 2 hours away from Amsterdam, Giethoorn is my favorite destination of all in the Netherlands. The only way you can explore this beautiful village is either on foot or by bicycle or by the most preferred way i.e. by boat.

The houses in Giethoorn will take your breath away and for once I am sure you would think of settling in this village. You can either opt to take a boat tour or you can hire your boat and explore the canals of Giethoorn. If you decide to take your boat, make sure to stop in the middle of the lake and pop up a bottle of wine to enjoy with your partner.

4) Rotterdam: One of the most underrated cities in the world. Rotterdam is one of the most organized cities I have ever been to and I fell in love with the culture of this city. Did you know Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe? Yes, it’s true.

If you want to have a birds-eye view of the entire city, you should plan a trip to Euromast which will give a 360-degree view of this beautiful city. Also, other interesting places you may want to visit while you are Rotterdam are – Novotel hotel, Markthall and a few more.

I must say, Rotterdam has the best Hostel that I have ever stayed in. Hostel Anni & Hekkein is where you need to book your stay if you are visiting Rotterdam.

5) Den Hague: The surfer's paradise. If you are a beach bum, Den Hague is the place to be. If you travel to Den Hague during the summer, you will see all the surfers showing their skills and perfecting their art. It just adds to the beauty of Den Hague.

You can sit at the beach the whole day and see different families enjoying the summer days. To experience the beauty in its full glory you can opt-in for a ride in the first Ferris wheel oversea in Europe. The Ferris wheel on the pier of Den Hague is the biggest tourist attraction.

There must be a few more hidden treasures in the Netherlands, but for now, these 5 places are must-visit on your next trip to the Netherlands.

Will share more stories from my Europe trip in the next few weeks. Till then Keep Exploring, Keep Traveling like a Tripster.