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Delhi is the gold mine of historical monuments which are identical and have their own charm. One of the renowned monument which catching the people attention all over India is Agrasen Ki Baoli or Ugarsen Ki Baoli. Agarsen Ki Baoli is the stepwell which was built by the Maharaja Agarsen during the epic war of Mahabharata era. This historic Baoli has many untold stories which can be heard by the native of the Delhi.

Let's discuss more this mysteries place which placed this Baoli in the list of haunted place in Delhi

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History of Agarsen Ki Baoli Architecture and Framework of Agarsen Ki Baoli Why it's named as Haunted Baoli? Featured in Bollywood Movies

History of Agarsen Ki Baoli

Ugersen Ki Baoli was said to be constructed in the 16 th century, by the king Agarsen. It's the grandiose monument in Delhi which was built with the red stone follow up by the 108 steps to the step well. According to the archeologist, Maharaja Agarsen order to build this Baoli to reserve the water for their people. It's 60 meters long and 15 meter wide located on the Hailey Road, near Connaught Place. In the 14 th century, it was rebuilt by the Aggarwal community during the Tughlaq phase.

It was taken by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India) under the act of 1958 and later become one of the tourist destinations.

Architecture and Framework of Agarsen Ki Baoli

The Baoli is beautifully designed and representing the great architecture of the 10 th century, which is appreciated by in the 21st century. The use of red stones showcases the epic image of an ancient era which takes down the person in the memory lane of prior centuries. Maharaja Agarsen builds this classic Baoli for the water reservation. The majestic walls of the Baoli reflect the golden time of our ancient history when people rushed here for water. Near about 108 steps are there to reach the bed surface of the Baoli, which is much darker in the beneath.

The architecture of the Agarsen Ki Baoli is marked as the finest among the other Baoli's in Delhi.

Why it's named as Haunted Baoli?

Agarsen Ki Baoli which is more famous all over India for its haunted stories, there are various unsolved and scary mysteries are hidden in the beneath of this baoli. People from all over the World explore this monument during their cultural or vocational trip in Delhi. With incredible structured design and unfold freaky haunted stories make this place the great attraction for the tourists in Delhi.

There is a belief among people of the Delhi that Agarsen Ki Baoli is the home of evil spirits. Where something is wrong which is no visible to anyone but experienced by the tourists too. While stepping down to the bottom of the baoli only the sound of the footstep is heard and its feel like someone is moving around the back.

From prior stories, in earlier centuries the baoli was said to be filled with the black magic water which hypnotizes the people to suicide in the water. With time the baoli get dried and people start visiting this place in the daytime but still, people think the spirit of those people are roaming in baoli. These stories make the Agarsen Ki Baoli one of the haunted places in Delhi.

The Archeological Survey of India prohibited the entrance in the baoli after 6 PM and allows only visiting in between 7 AM - 6 PM. The Baoli becomes the home of the pigeons and bats which makes the baoli scarier in a night.

Featured in Bollywood Movies

Apart from the historic monument, haunted place, and tourist place the Agarsen Ki Baoli is featured in many Bollywood movies. The Bollywood stars shoot their movies scene in the baoli, which makes the people visit this place and click selfies and photographs.

The recent movies which were shooting in Agarsen Ki Baoli were P.K - starred by Amir Khan which was the blockbuster movie of the year. After that, the Dabangg Khan - Salman Khan shot the scene of the movie Sultan in the Agarsen Ki Boli which was also the superhit movie.

In this high-tech era, it's hard to believe in these haunted stories, some believe its black magic and some called it a myth. Apart from these spooky stories, we can't neglect this historic monument of our country which is the proof of our ancient time and history. We appreciate our readers feedback and urge everyone to share your valueable comment about this post.