Delhi in Motion


Delhi as we know it, spans from the majestic & all expansive architecture to the narrow lanes of food, air, soul and the heart of Delhi. Delhi, is not merely a city, it is a feeling that flows inside the people who reside here. From the monuments to the food, from the plethora of people to their passions, all of them recite a story of their own in this city. 
And here we, The Storygraphers are presenting to you a little essence of all those eternal stories. A little tribute to the city that made us, Delhi in Motion.

This video blends together the essence of time and people and brings forth the element of surprise through the use of splendid camera tricks as we try to cover Delhi through the eyes of every Dilli waala, navigating through the lanes of all those Minars, Tombs, street arts, food hunts, packed with traffic and a Head full of Dreams!