Dilli diwani

16th Jul 2019
Photo of Dilli diwani by thrishala
Day 1

The first day we landed at around 12:30AM to the Delhi airport and then we proceeds our way to gurugram... And rested the next day we were welcomed by our family friend with amazing aloo parathas and we ate it to our hearts content... Hot ready and we headed our way towards qutub minar the standing beauty... I was so amazed by the structure and the beauty there... We preceeded outside abd then we went near the loutus temple.. Even in such heat we were amazed by the peaceful surrounding. Then we headed towards some street food just outside which was really a tasty treat.... With our stomachs full we went near the India gate and it was filled... Just a little distance from there we saw the red fort and then at night we went to kingdom of dreams where we got to taste diffrent dishes from around the world

Photo of Dilli diwani by thrishala
Photo of Dilli diwani by thrishala
Day 2

We woke up and it was time for some street shopping and when shopping comes to mind the one thing that comes to mind is sarojini nagar market it was filled and I was overwhelmed by it.... Although I shopped till I dropped
..headed to towards the mall and and shopped some more.. We visted the dlf cyberhub and For dinner we went to the pirates of grill and enjoyed over there

Day 3

The next day was a bit of the early start and we were on our way to the tajmahal and we had a Pitstop which sold such amazing tea and snacks on the highway it was like a good court in the middle of the highway.... We visited mathura and seeked blessings of Lord Krishna and then we reached tajmahal which was absolute beauty even in that heat 😂
We came back to our accomodtion and took a good rest