One country, many experiences..THAILAND(Bangkok-Pataya-Phuket-Jamesbondisland-Kohphagnan-Koh Samuii)

17th Sep 2018
Photo of One country, many experiences..THAILAND(Bangkok-Pataya-Phuket-Jamesbondisland-Kohphagnan-Koh Samuii) by Simi_lifetravelravelrecipe
Day 1

We landed Bangkok early morning by 5 am from Bangalore. Our first day check in was in Pattaya which is approx 100 kms far from Bangkok. There is Airport Shuttle service which goes till Bangkok main bus station from where you get AC bus for Pattaya which starts after 7 am. We thought we have to wait at airport till bus service start but immigration process takes so much time that we were able to exit airport by 7.30 only. There was such huge line at immigration and process is quite slow. You have to stand for long in long que. Once migration done, we just picked few essentials from 7 eleven and coffee which was quite cheap then expectation and coffee was refreshing. We took airport shuttle from gate no 6 exit and reached main bus station. Bus station is big and quite organised. There are good decent eating options as well. We bought bus tickets to Pattaya. It was good decent 3 hours drive from bangkok and bus is quite comfortable. Slept through out journey due to last night travel. Reached Pattaya about 12.30 pm and got early check in at hotel. After quick refreshment, pool fun and lunch we decided to start with Day 1 itinerary. We started with Transgender show which Pattaya is famous for. There are 2-3 options for these shows and we choosed - Alcazar cabaret show. And what a show it was. It will give larger then life feeling. amazing costumes, amazing makeup, amazing light effects, dance, props. You will feel mesmerized with such lovely transgenders who looks beautiful like anything. Must go for anyone once in lifetime. Our next spot was - Roof top restaurant during sunset at - Hilton Pattaya. The reason we went there is to experience entire Pattaya View at such height for beautiful city and beach view experience which is totally worth. Enjoying drinks with cool breeze along with feel of entire city in front of you will take you in different zone altogether. Our last point for day was - Walking street, Pattaya. This street is something which Pattaya is truly known for. You can just visit there to feel the Pattaya essence. It will be offensive to some people but if you have broader perceptive to this and just want to visit for experience, go ahead. You will see lots of dance bars and see beautiful girls with menu cards. Simply walk without doing much left and right.And street will end with Indian restaurant. Just explore it for city essence so that you don't go back with any feeling that you missed something. But strictly avoid if you are anti to all this.

Day 2

We left for bangkok from pattaya for our flight to phuket.

We tried there local transport called bhatt buses which follow particular route and moment you feel that it is deviating from your route, press buzzer and bus will stop.Its great way to save money on expensive cabs there and travel like local. So with help of two bhatt buses, we reached pattaya bus station. It is again decent bus station with clean washrooms, sufficient sitting place and eateries options. We took bus for bangkok and enjoyed three hours drive from pattaya to bangkok.. It is very smooth journey and has few scenic beauty in route.. Enjoyed this road trip. After getting down to bus station, we took took bus which dropped us to bus stand from where we got A1 bus which is airport shuttle.

We reached airport in 40 minutes. Waited for our flight for - Phuket. Phuket has huge rain prediction that day and our flight turbulence proved that. Flight was not very smooth and was entirely cloudy journey with thunderstorm. It landed admist clouds.

We had our stay in - Patong which is far from phuket airport. So we had prior taxi booking for hotel transfer. It was raining throughout our one and hour drive to hotel and we wondered for our coming two days in phuket . We reached hotel at 9 pm. Enjoyed welcome drink and dinner there and slept after full day journey.

Day 3

This entire day was dedicated for our full day tour to james bond island. We also had option for phi phi island tour but we opted james bond as due to rain and more sea disturbance in phi phi range, there were chances for its cancellation.

So day started early 7. We had breakfast and had pick up at - 8 for transfer to port.

From port, we buy raincoat as it was drizzling. Then there was mini bus to main point from where we got our tour ship. There was huge group in our ship for tour from multiple countries.

So, we had entertaining host who briefed about full day itinerary. First spot was james bond island. Its a small island with beautiful stone admist sea. It has shopping outlets and scenic beauty for photo sessions. Had half and hour halt there. After this, moved back to ship where lunch was ready. Also had option for vegetarians. After lunch, there were two islands which was which had to be explored via canoeing . Attached photo which brief what to expect from tour.

At end of tour, host asked people to jump from big boat to swim in green andaman water. Lot of people jumped and enjoyed 20 mins in water.

We took front part of big boat and enjoyed entire boat journey sitting and enjoying andaman sea cool breeze and beauty.

We reached port and then had transfer back to hotel.

In evening we decided to visit major beach of - phuket- Patong beach which was around 2 kms from our hotel and its market nearby which is very happening. We picked drinks and snacks from family mart and enjoyed drinks at patong beach. It was fun. Had dinner at lively eatery market nearby and had cheerful day overall.

Photo of James Bond Island, Thailand by Simi_lifetravelravelrecipe
Day 4

This was laze around day in phuket. We started late at around - 12 pm and researched on ways to roam around city like locals as cabs are too too expensive in phuket. But there is no direct bus from patong beach to another famous beach in phuket-Karon beach. So we went for more lengthy route which was going to phuket central city and then taking bus from there to karon. We had full day and all the time to do such experiments. Infact it was great.. Like this we saw entire phuket on wheels. Bus took us to main phuket city.. There spent some time in cafe and felt the city vibe, did some quick shopping and then headed towards karon beach.. Reached karon beach by - 3.30 pm.. Grabbed the shack over beach, picked drink from family mart and spent the evening chilling over beach.. By 6 we decided to leave and then tried one cafe in front of beach.. It had nice vibes with sea view.. Then we were wondering how to reach patong beach from there as there was no direct bus and it was too late to take indirect route.. We finally thought to book super expensive cab but by chance in front of cafe, we saw one private bus going to airport via patong beach. It had few travelers and we asked if it can drop us to patong beach and they said yes. And luckily we saved some money and reached patong beach.. Again spent later part of evening on beach and enjoying the patong market which is very lively. We also by mistake went to bangla street which is similar to walking street of pattaya.. It is happening and full of music and preety gals dancing.. Had dinner and walked back to hotel ending our journey in Phuket.

Day 5

Next day again started early as we had to travel far to island - Koh phagnan for Full moon party.

It is not smooth route and involves multiple mode of transportation. So we brought entire package online for same. We got pick up from hotel at 8 am. Then taxi dropped us at some strange small bus pickup point. Then we took bus till Surat Thani which was around 4 hours drive from Phuket. Bus was AC and comfortable. We reached Surat Thani port by 1 pm from where we had ferry for Surat Thani. Then we had lunch at port. Our ferry was at 3 pm. We boarded ferry and it was approx 2.30 hours journey in ferry till Koh phagnan island. We reached destination at around 6 pm. Our hotel was walking distance from port. And on the way there was very happening food market and shopping zone called Thong sala night food market. Port was also very beautiful. We walked till hotel and after quick fresh up went back to Thong sala market again for eating and shopping. There are so many eatery options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. It was great. We also shopped for next day full moon party. Day ended on buzzing note.

Day 6

This day was major highlight of trip. We specially planned our trip in such a way so that full moon party comes im between. Full moon party happens once in every month. We started day late and had to laze around somewhere in afternoon. So we went to beach nearby. We picked one interesting restaurant beach side having interesting funky ambiance with chilled sitting arrangement. We had lunch and coffee there and had amazing afternoon. Then we went back to hotel and prepared for full moon party which starts after 7. It is all night party which continues till next day afternoon. It is said to be insane beach party at Hat Rin beach. We were very curious for this experience. We had dinner at 7 and then left for full moon party.

We reached by 7.30 and party just started. That time there was not many people there but buzz has started. The fire shows started. Music was loud and all the shacks at beach were buzzing with outstanding djs and light.

As evening matures, crowd increases and atmosphere started becoming more crazy. Number of people dancing increased and increased. Everyone dance and drinks like there is no tomorrow. All the energies were at peek and people enjoys to there best. There is trend to drink with bucket and even we tried thai alcohol in bucket. Full moon party has lots of weird stories so we were careful and at same time enjoying all the craziness. People were dancing and dancing and no one bothered about anything else but enjoying. It seemed that people gathered from all over world to party together in Thailand.

We spent good 3 hours there and then left for hotel although it was whole night party but still we are not party animals and as night matures, party gets too dirty. Also there were strange drug scam stories. So we decided to experience only good things in party and left for hotel. Then went to restaurant nearby, had some more beer and ended day with interesting memories of full moon party.

Day 7

This day, we had to leave for Koh samuii island. We had ferry to catch at 11.30 and it was approx 2 hours ferry ride from koh phagnan to koh samuii. It was not very pleasant ferry. Reaching to destination was a relief. From port we took shared taxi till our hotel which was near Lamai beach.

We reached our resort and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was beautiful. We also got upgrade to sea view and sea was next to our room with shacks to relax. It was my dream cum true. I always wanted to have this experience. It was beautiful experience. We had lunch there and decided to enjoy resort that day. Entire evening simply relaxed at shack near sea and enjoyed cool breeze. Then enjoyed pool there and felt all together refreshed. Then went out for dinner at nearby restaurant. It had nice food and had quick shopping at seven eleven there.

Day 8

This day was for sightseeing in Koh samuii. We decided to cover places nearby. Koh samuii is mainly famous for its beaches. Beaches have there own charm and exclusivety there.

First beach we went was - Silver beach. It was a beautiful and calm beach with filtered crowd where people visit for long hours relaxation, reading and sun bath. We also did bit of everything. Chilled there and enjoyed fine white beautiful sand there.. Sand is so smooth and fine, you can feel its smoothness lying there and doing nothing.

Then we headed towards one of the main beach of Koh samuii- Lamai beach.

This beach is again peaceful, calm and ideal to enjoy in water in refined areas as non filtered areas has risk of jelly fish sting which is literally dangerous.

So we first decided to have lunch and found interesting and famous indian restaurant there and had our desi style fried rice along with indian style mango shake on special request to indian guy there. ( In thailand, mango shake means mango plus lots and lots of ice with hardly any milk).

After lunch, we chilled at shack and then jumped into refined area of water to enjoy gulf of thailand sea at its best. Entering in water was so so soothing and amazingly refreshing. After playing in water for some time, we headed towards our next spot which was - Grandpa and grand ma rocks. These rocks has weird story and weird unexpected view from top.(pls google to understand better). We walked along lamai beach to reach place and towards end, we saw the rocks bit far inside water and the actual view will get from heading top. We were quite tired to hike up for that specific view. So we just saw whatever was visible from end of lamai beach and then decided to head back to hotel which was at walking distance. We then had quick shopping at seven eleven and family mart and reached hotel by evening. After quick shower, i went to our resort private beach shack and simply soaked in sea beauty and resort lightings along with my favourite songs. It was truly a me time.

Then we went to nearby famous Italian restaurant there and my husband loved it. He found authentic Italian pizza there and there chef was italian which was cherry on cake. He loved the dinner and we ended day with cheerful memories of koh samuii.

Day 9

It was departure day from koh samuii to bangkok. We left early to catch our ferry to surat thani. It was a big again lot of travelling. It was 2 hours long ferry to Surat thani. Then 3 hours bus drive till Surat Thani airport. Then wait for 2 hours at airport and then one hour domestic flight to bangkok. Then from airport, airport shuttle one hour drive till Victoria terminal. From there our hotel was 4 kms far. We reached hotel by 6.30pm. After check-in relaxed for sometime and then enjoyed welcome drink at hotel roof top at 12th floor which had decent city view.

Then we ordered pizza from dominos with hope to enjoy indian familiar taste but it was bad. Was disappointed with dominos in bangkok. Then we slept early after full day of travelling.

Day 10

Bangkok is all about temples, shopping and luxury malls.

So we decided to cover main malls of Bangkok city. The mall was huge and three malls were connected one after another. It had mini waterfall as well along with all major brands. Ideal for shopping and to spend whole day. We spend entire afternoon and then in evening, choosed to cover half kms to hotel via metro which is quite a lifeline of bangkok. We wanted to feel that. Then from metro station, we took Grab taxi back to hotel. For late evening, there was an interesting option - China town which is famous for huge eating and shopping buzz.

Day 11

It was departing day from bangkok and our flight was at 10 pm. So we had almost half day. We checked out at 12 pm and then went to Buddha temple next to bangkok hotel. We found lots of Indian there. Temple has peaceful aura and golden buddha. It was nice visit there.

Then we went to very famous - MBK center there. It is real bangkok feel. Huge shopping and eating place of almost seven place and best to have all sort of cheap shopping buying gifts for people back home. Have huge and multiple options. You will find almost everything there. It has electronics market and repair entire floor as well. Its truly amazing. Must visit in bangkok. Bangkok trip is incomplete without visiting there.

By 5. 30 we left for airport. Took airport shuttle but i must one say one should take proper buffer especially in evening time because bangkok has huge traffic and it can take even 2 hours or even more if you wont take toll route. Luckily as it was airport shuttle, we managed to reach in one and half hour time. Our buffer time was altogether consumed and we reached at 6.45 pm to airport. We hurried up and checkin so that we can get some time in longue. We got decent 40 minutes to spend time in longue and then boarded flight back to india which was till pune via bangalore. We took ola from pune airport at 3 am to mumbai and took more then expected time because of truck traffic in night and reached mumbai by 7 in morning.

Naturally slept for whole day after 18 hours journey with lots of beautiful memories of Thailand.

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