Rummaging Through The Streets Of Chandi Chowk

3rd Aug 2014
Photo of Rummaging Through The Streets Of Chandi Chowk 1/6 by Nayana Roychoudhury
From the edge of the columbus
Photo of Rummaging Through The Streets Of Chandi Chowk 2/6 by Nayana Roychoudhury
The happy kid at the merry go round
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The happy kid and his friend at the merry go
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The adorable pets at the pet bazaar
Photo of Rummaging Through The Streets Of Chandi Chowk 5/6 by Nayana Roychoudhury
With the cute bunny and the amateur pout
Photo of Rummaging Through The Streets Of Chandi Chowk 6/6 by Nayana Roychoudhury
The one with the sinless feathered beauties

This year,on the occasion of friendship day,me and my gang decided to taste the flavor of old Delhi.If you are visiting the place for the first time,I must tell you that this place is relatively off beat from the rest of the grandiloquent Delhi you've experienced so far.However,old Delhi has its own charm and is the perfect place to witness the rich Indian heritage.


We started our exploration from the famous parathe wali gali at chandi chowk. Parathe wali gali has become a famous culinary destination for food lovers across the globe.The streets here are pretty dainty and the crowd is mysteriously suspicious.We walked into the galis with eyes wide open,trying to store the visuals of the place into our memory.We finally stopped at one of the shops.There are over 30 varieties of parathas to choose from and each variety has its own savouring taste.My personal favorite is the muli Ka paratha but the little bits I stole from my friends' plates were great in taste too.Apart from the delicious tastes,the size of these parathas are also quite huge and you should order a large quantity only if you're sure about your appetite.


In almost every month during the year,local melas are held at chandi chowk.After feeding ourselves with ghee showered parathas of the parathe wali gali,we decided to visit one such mela.Well,it was a local mela and the rides were manually constructed. A merry go round was skillfully balanced on just three wheels which kept the ride moving.The tickets for almost all the rides were available at just 50 bucks and we had an amazing time experiencing these local thrillers.


Within 1 km from the mela,there is a wonderful pet market which we discovered by surprise.Pet animals and birds of all kinds are available for sale here.The shops there clustered in a line with chaotic buyers and street-smart sellers.It was a pity to watch those innocent creatures packed in insufficient spaces.To appease our woeful souls,we bought a pair of beautiful pigeons and freed them to the open sky,to the place they actually belong to.It was indeed a very contenting feeling.


The red fort is located just opposite to the pet bazaar.We did not have much time in hand to explore this impeccable monument and hence had to return back after the walk at the pet bazaar.However,we kept in mind to save sometime for a visit there in our next episode to chandi chowk.

The perfect place to suffice your great Indian hunger at the small Indian budget.Tag along with friends to enjoy the delicious lassi and varied paranthas at any of the age old shops of the place.Expect a pure vegetarian meal with the best of the ingredients.
We were lucky to discover this place by surprise.None of us were expecting such a huge pet market just opposite to the Red Fort.The place also offers a number of uncanny species of birds and other pet animals to its potential customers.
Our bad that we could not cover this place while our visit.The Red Fort was constructed by Shah Jahan and was the residence of the Mughal dynasty in India for more than 200 years.Chandi chowk was established in 1650 along with the Red Fort itself.It was later that the parantha shops occupied the place at chandi chowk.This beautiful linked history is best experienced by a visit to the Red Fort along with other famous loactions at Chandi Chowk.