The Magical Sunrise #TropicalVacay


Iceland trip was always a dream for me. I have been thinking about this trip for last 2.5 years. Initially ,I was not so confident about how to fulfill this dream of mine. For me, it was not possible to do solo trip because, Iceland is one of the most expensive country in the world. so I spoke to some of my friends and family to tag along if it was possible. As the country is unique and less talked about there were more excuses rather than takers. Hence I started researching more as I was passionate and determined to take up this journey.

Around Apr-2019, I started working on this trip and posted about my travel plan on Facebook groups associated to travelling. This included Solo Traveler, Tourist Helpline, BATI and many more groups where people are on a look out for travel buddies. Initially I did not get any response but after a few days the post got some attention from travelers across India. After a long discussion with people on itinerary and dates only five people agreed to be part of Iceland expedition. Every week a con call was held, so that our dates visas accommodations and expenses matched, this also ensured that we all had correct information to make our journey hassle free.

The day when we all met at Delhi Airport , it did not feel like that we were meeting for the first time.

I had an amazing time and precious moments at Iceland which made my trip more memorable which includes one of the best Sunrises of my life.

Photo of The Magical Sunrise #TropicalVacay 1/1 by Krishna Kumar Rishi