Odisha Odyssey


A trip to Odisha was long overdue, mainly because I wanted to see the Konark Temple. Finally got the opportunity when my daughter had a swimming competition taking place in Bhubaneshwar during the Puja Holidays in October. Here's a photoblog of my travels.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 1/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Sand art

We were welcomed by this exquisite piece of sand art by artist Sudarshan Patnaik at the Bhubaneswar airport. I had heard a lot about his works of art and I wasn't disappointed.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 2/13 by Gayatri Cherian
@Bhubaneswar Airport

I couldn't get enough of this unique artist's work.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 3/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Lion Fish

No trip to Odisha is complete without a visit to the Nandankanan Zoo. The aquarium in the zoo had a good collection of fishes.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 4/13 by Gayatri Cherian
@Nandankanan Zoo

The zoo was vast and had a variety of mammals, reptiles, birds and aquatic animals but the oppressive heat was a bummer.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 5/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Roadside shops

The road that leads to the Konark Temple is dotted with shops selling all kinds of wares, I did pick up some good buys for gifts back home.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 6/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Konark Temple

There were renovations underway but it didn't lessen the number of tourists visiting the temple.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 7/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Beautiful artwork on the temple walls
Photo of Odisha Odyssey 8/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Konark Temple
Photo of Odisha Odyssey 9/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Another view of Konark Temple
Photo of Odisha Odyssey 10/13 by Gayatri Cherian
Chandrabhaga Beach

I decided to give Puri a miss as I had visited it before but instead visited the Chandrabhga Beach in Konark. Not only was it cleaner than Puri, it was less crowded too.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 11/13 by Gayatri Cherian

The Puri-Konark Expressway was a joy to ride in.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 12/13 by Gayatri Cherian
@Chilika Lake

Our next destination was the Chilika Lake.

Photo of Odisha Odyssey 13/13 by Gayatri Cherian
On a boat at the Chilika

We set out on a boat to catch a glimpse of the elusive Irrawady Dolphin. It took us three hours just to get a glimpse of the dolphin and it was an hour past sunset when we returned.

All in all the trip to Odisha was worth it apart from the heat even in the month of October. I wonder what summers must be like here.