SwaachBharat - Swaach Paryatan at Chilika, Konark

Day 1

We started our journey from our college to Chilika Satapada and Konark Temple in a bus. Our trip was one day trip. This was our first trip from Govt.of India as a program of Swaach Paryatan at heritage sites of Odisha. The weather was sunny and warm.Despite the Bus’s jerking and shaking , we couldn’t be stopped from enjoying to the fullest , dancing with our troop and taking a no. Of pictures and videos. . We had a music system, and the only good we made of it was that we  danced to fullest on each and every soundtrack for every passing moment.

Our first stop was The famous Chilika Lake in Satapada. We had boat ride for Dolphins sighting and visiting the mouth of Chilika Lake to Bay of Bengal. Here Days river falls in Bay of Bengal. It is the largest coastal lagoon in India and second largest in world. It is famous for Irrawaddy Dolphins. We were lucky to spot one or two Dolphins. Also home to no.of plants, animals and bird.  After reaching to island ,we were greeted by pearl traders trying to fool us into buying rip-off pearls. Its was good seeing them & buying few pearls from them .We had coconut water to rehydrate because the sun has sucked us dry. After strolling for 3 hours ,we returned back to Satapada , the mainland on boats, capturing scenic pics & memories.Here we had our lunch at nearby dhaba.

Afterwards we moved to Konark , The Sun Temple . There we reached at evening , the view of Rays of sun settings on the temple was just wonderful. There we waited for the light and sound show & booked tickets for it. It's was magnificent. It's showcasing the history of Sun Temple. It's was portrayed using projector on the temple and sound were given through headphones.

Then we returned back to our college. We had great fun  and made people aware of cleanliness in tourist attractions , sites and places.

Photo of Satapada, Odisha, India by SaswatiK9