Top 5 most popular cruise destinations around the world


It is almost time for the start of the cruise season. Each year, thousands of vacationers eagerly rush online to search for the best cruise deals.

Well, today I will try to help you make this decision. In this post, you will explore some of the best cruise destinations. This list takes into account the value of the cruise, its popularity on the basis of previous years and of course the overall experience and destination value itself.

1. The South Pacific - Australia and New Zealand

Through the last decade, cruises to Australia and New Zealand have gained popularity and are now dubbed as exotic destinations for many amateur cruises. Sometimes neglected because of a lack of things to do, cruise operators have worked hard to improve cruises to these destinations, the creation of expeditions and excursions that offer passengers the opportunity to experience and explore the real outback of Australia with the mountain scenery of New Zealand breathtaking.

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The exotic wildlife of the Australian outback, kangaroos jump off, see the Koalas and get a taste of the lifestyle Aboriginal. Then be amazed by the magnificent mountain landscapes of New Zealand. Learn Haka, slip into Middle Earth then relax with a spot of shopping in the upscale district of Auckland. Best time to go is between December and April.

2. Mexico

The sun, white sandy beaches and a good time, if that's what you look for in a cruise, look no further than a cruise to Mexico. Always popular because of the range of travel options short, a Mexican cruise is the perfect way to escape the stress of life, even for a few days! Enjoy local specialties, discover the famous wine regions, take a walk through the cobbled streets of the villages or simply relaxing on pristine beaches, no matter what you choose to do, it will be impossible not to fall in love with this warm and welcoming country. You will see Cabo San Lucas, one of the premier resorts of Mexico. Visit the porcelain white beaches and do some snorkeling in crystal clear waters. You will swim with dolphins, or whale watching, then relax with a stroll through San Jose del Cabo and breathe its culture, tastes and sounds. Best time to go is from October to April.

3. Alaska

Maybe you are looking for something a little different? Tired of the same old holiday based on the beach, you want an adventure? So an Alaska cruise could be what you want. Go cruising slowly through the peaceful fjords, you find yourself face to face with the gigantic glaciers, while you tighten all the time to be surrounded by some of the most magnificent scenery the world has to offer. Most cruise in Alaska people go there for the wide range of wildlife and natural beauty. Go fishing for salmon, watch the whales play, enjoy the company of grizzly bears and try to spot many eagles soar through the hilly landscape. Best time to go is from May to September.

4. The Caribbean

It would not be a list of top cruise destinations without mentioning the Caribbean. The Caribbean has always been the most desired destination for seasoned cruisers. Its world renowned beaches, turquoise waters and relaxed atmosphere have cemented his reputation as one of the only world of paradise. Enjoy in the exotic paradise and forget the worries of time a dream cruise. Jamaica is rich in culture, landscapes are ideal for adventure. World famous for its super casual approach to life, a trip to Jamaica will help you not take life too seriously. Best time to go is from January to February.

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5. Fjords of Norway

Yet another destination must cruise the fjords of Norway. Browse through the narrow rivers surrounded by colossal mountains. These impressive scenery changes daily, exposing you to some of the most stunning ones on the planet. Stop and visit some famous Norwegian cities such as Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Oslo. If you're looking to be impressed by nature then a cruise to the Fjords will make you happy!

A cruise in Fjord gives you a ticket for one of the greatest shows on Earth, auroras. The Northern Lights occur throughout the year, but for the best show goes from May to July.

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