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20th Jan 2016
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Temples of Gujarat-Palitana Palitana

is a pilgrimage of Jain's.Jainism is the one of the oldest religion.Their principles are based on peaceful coexistence with other living creatures.Right from an ant to a human,they believe in not harming any creature irrespective of size and shape.Palitana is know for many temples which are constructed decades and eras ago.Their construction and architecture is of ancient times.The Jain's climb the mountain known as Shatrunjay hill.There are as many as 3700 steps and after u reach the summit there are as many as temples.The main centre temple is of the 1st tirthankara of jains Lord Aadinath also known as Lord Rushabdev.He attained salvation and moksh from this holy Shatrunjay mountain.Shatrunjay hill has a great history where many sinners and saints have purified themselves and have attained moksh

Palitana is the world’s only mountain that has more than 900 temples.


The Palitana temples and whole mountain are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (


) by the Jain community, and is the world's largest Temple Complex. There are more than 3000 temples located on the


hills, exquisitely carved in marble.

On the top the Shatrunjai Hill is a cluster of Jain temples, built by generations of Jains over a period of 900 years, from the 11th century onwards. The temples are managed by the

Anandji Kalyanji Trust

associated with the

Kasturbhai Lalbhai

group. From the foot of the hill to the top there are 3,800 and odd stone steps cut to facilitate climbing.


The temples are exquisitely carved in marble, veritable prayers in stone. To an observer, these appear to be ivory miniatures when seen from a distance. Created by master craftsmen, the most important temple is that of the first teerthankara, Shri Adishwar. It has ornate architectural motifs, though in its overall plan it is simpler than the Choumukh. Other notable temples are those of Kumarpal, Vimalshah and Sampriti Raja. Kumarpal Solanki, a great Jain patron, probably built the earliest temple. The temple has a fabulous collection of jewels, and these can be seen with special permission. The temples date from 11th to the 20th century.


Every devout Jain aspires to climb to the top of the mountain at least once in his lifetime, because of its sanctity. Not just the temples on the Hill are sacred, but as per Jain Scriptures entire Hill is sacred right from top to bottom. The journey is arduous. The walk up the stone stairway hewn into the mountain face takes about an hour and a half. For those unable or unaccustomed to the strain, sling-chairs are available at a bargain. The code for the climbers is stringent, in keeping with the rigours of the Jain faith. Food must neither be eaten nor carried on the way. The descent must begin before it is night for no soul can remain atop the sacred mountain during the night.

While atop one can also visit a Muslim shrine of Angar Pir. The childless women seek the Pir's blessings to be blessed with children. They offer miniature cradles to the Pir and the shrine is strewn with such cradles..Also the scenic beauty of Palitana city from this hill is just mesmerizing. The view of sunrise and sunset is beyond description.I would suggest to start climbing this holy hill at early morning by 5 am.The cold breeze makes it easier to climb this mountain as by 9-10 pm the sun is at its peak.Also the period between night and sunrise is something which is worth watching. If one starts climbing at 4 am in morning he can witness uncountable stars in sky..all twinkling and shining.Also within an hour sunrise will soon take place and the different colours of sky can be witnessed.However climbing this spiritual hill in morning by 7 is also not a bad idea.There is also Shatrunjay river which is considered very sacred and holy among Jain's.What is worth watching is the Idol if lord Rushabdev as it is big and immense .Anyone who has a first sight of this holy idol is left spellbound.One truly witnesses inner soul happiness just by looking at this idol.One can feel the true positive radiations and energy from the idols.The idol is also of approximately 1 billion years ago.Palitana is WORLD'S FIRST VEGITARIAN CITY.Non-veg is strictly prohibited. The city is peaceful .Also market area of Palitana city has a lot to shop for.Right from gaghra cholis,saree's,worship things,to shoes,sandals,idols etc.The city also has chatpati bhel,sugarcane juice and many more dishes,However Jain's don't eat at night after sunset especially in this holy city

Many tourists and foreigners also don't eat at night when they visit palitana to main its ascetic and religious value.There are many dharamshala where one can stay which offers delicious and mouthwatering Jain food.Palitana is one of tourist attraction.Many tourists from across the world come over here and climb this hill.They are mesmerized by the temples their carvings and the massage local women do to their legs.One must surely visit this place.

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