Palitana in Gujarat Is the First Vegetarian City in the World

11th Sep 2019
Photo of Palitana in Gujarat Is the First Vegetarian City in the World by Sonal Agarwal

Apart from being the largest cluster of Jain temples and the only mountain in the world with more than 850 temples, Palitana has again entered the exclusive club of the world’s ‘firsts’. Located 50 km away from the city of Bhavnagar in Gujarat, Palitana has become the first and only vegetarian city in the world.

How did this happen?


Jainism has some strict rules for violence against both living and non-living things and Palitana is mostly inhabited by people who follow Jainism. It is said that Adinatha, one of the first few teachers of Jain philosophy, has spent time meditating on the Shatrunjaya hill of the city. Therefore, the place is an essential part of Jain culture and religion.

Ban imposed:

In 2014, almost 200 Jain monks called for an indefinite hunger strike to ban animal slaughter in their area. Soon, the ban was implemented; and slaughter or sale of animals for eating purpose was made illegal in the region. All the butcher shops were forced to shut down and the restaurants serving non-vegetarian food were compensated to change their menus. However, the use of dairy products is allowed.

Irrespective of your food choice, this city is still a must-visit for anyone who is looking for peace and an escape from the bustling city life.

How to get here?

Bhavnagar is the nearest well-connected city from Palitana.

By road: State and private buses run regularly to and from Palitana. It is located 800 km from Mumbai and 250 km from Ahmadabad.

By rail: The city’s nearest railway station is Bhavnagar Terminus. It is connected to main stations like Mumbai and Ahmedabad via Western Railway Line.

By air: Various domestic flights connect Bhavnagar Airport from other main cities.

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