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Agatti Airport

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Agatti is the airport Island of Lakshadweep, and the most beautiful airport of India from an aerial view.
Kritharth Pendyala
Thinnakara to Bangaram/Agatti and the return back to Kochi(18th November 2017):We left in the local boat for Bangaram and from there onto a high speed craft for Agatti, to catch our flight back to Kochi and eventually enter into the urban cacophony of Bombay. With a strong will to come back to this beautiful archipelago again, our trip ended!!!A CLOSING NOTE ON LAKSHADWEEP, IT'S PEOPLE, AND WHAT IT OFFERS FOR TRAVELLERS:We should be proud of the fact that Lakshadweep is a part of India, and promote tourism to these islands.Be prepared to be in awe of the beaches, the sand, the lagoons, the coral life and reefs, the marine life and everything else.Try to spend most of your time underwater since it is a completely different world down there!!!The people of Lakshadweep take their hospitality and tourism very seriously and hence they are the most courteous bunch of people we can ever find. They will readily accept any demand put forth by the guests. They are the nicest people I have come across from all the various regions I have visited. I can say that I have definitely made a few friends there!Since everything comes from the mainland, there is very little available here, please try not to waste anything in these beautiful islands!Please visit the below link for further details and mail them for your stay at Lakshadweep, it has details of the government operated tourism office.
Kritharth Pendyala
Kochi to Agatti and Kavaratti (11th November 2017):Yet to recover from the amazing landing here at Agatti airstrip, stunned by the silence of the emerald isle of India, you will find yourself in Lakshadweep. A group of 36 coral islands, with 10 of them being inhabited and only 6 of them open for tourism, The Union Territory of Lakshadweep is the most pristine and virgin beach destination in India. Agatti is not open for tourism, so all that you can do is a day trip here. Some of the best turquoise beaches, lagoon shores and coral reef walls and fine white coral sand are owned by Lakshadweep. Trust me, A blog or even some photographs do not do justice to the place, you have to breathe here to actually sink in the feel!!! We had to move to Kavaratti, but some delay in the vessel timings ensured that we had a great daytrip at Agatti, visiting all the places. SPORTS will treat you extremely well, ensuring everything is in order and planned out well in advance. High speed AC vessels or crafts as they are called are most commonly used to transit from island to island. There is a schedule, which is published and strictly adhered to, by the government. After lunch we departed for Kavaratti. It takes 2 hours by the high speed vessel. The SPORTS resort is right in the centre of the island pretty much near to the jetty. It is a beautiful property facing the lagoon beach. Crystal clear waters of the Laccadives Sea are calm inside the lagoon, but ferocious once you are out in the open sea. It was already evening by then. A view of the sunset, a walk round the village, and some quiet relaxing time by the beach ended our first day in Lakshadweep!