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Chini Ka Rauza

Prashali Gupta
Chini ka Rauza is a tomb and funerary monument of a scholar and a poet, Allama Afzal Khan Mullah. Afzal Khan was a political figure of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The tomb was built in 1635. It is one of the finest examples of glazed tile-work during Mughal era. The monument gets its name from the colored tiles that were brought from China. The monument is a location in Itmadpur region of Agra, overlooking River Yamuna. Also, the monument is free to explore at any time.
Chini Ka RouzaLocated about a kilometre north of the baby Taj on the banks of the Yamuna, the Chini ka Rouza stands a bit neglected and forlorn. It doesn’t seem to be on any tourist circuit, and it was wonderfully empty and quiet when we got there. Any shared auto will drop you off on the main road, and the tomb is about a half kilometre inside, a nice walk through the villages and tree-lined homes. Built in 1639 by Mulla Shukrullah Shirazi as a tomb for himself, the monument is a little different from the other grand Mughal era structures in Agra or Delhi. Only the main tomb remains, a squat octagonal structure, with arches and four openings on all sides. It seems that the tomb of the Chief Minister of Shah Jehan and a famous Persian poet has not yet made itself to the ASI’s list of things to do.While at first glance the tomb seems plain and boring, the surroundings were more interesting, with the river on one side and a garden on the other with children playing, the inside walls and roof are stunning. Made with glazed tiles purportedly brought from China, the outside walls once had a zigzag pattern of orange, white and crimson tiles interspersed with the blue that is uniquely Mughal. While the monument is in a state of forlorn disrepair, it is possible to imagine a once stately tomb for a learned man.This trip was originally published on The reDiscovery Project