Panchi Petha Store 1/2 by Tripoto

Panchi Petha Store

Now, when in Agra, peetha must not be missed. As word of mouth goes, peetha from Panchhi store is the best that Agra has. It is one of the oldest petha stores of Agra, established in 1926 and selling a large variety of pethas. From Angoori to Kesar, Panchhi petha is popular all over Agra, so much so that its duplicates criss-cross the market.
Amrita Kumar
The city is dotted with several Petha stores claiming to be the original Panchi Petha. Nevertheless, most of the sweets are delectable and are good to carry home for friends. I stopped at a Petha store near the Sadar Market and was satisfied with my choice. There are far too many flavours of Petha available: chocolate, elaichi, mango.