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Nitesh Sinha
Near to Akbar's Tomb is Sikandra bus stand and you can easily find something to eat and freshen up.Sikandra -to-GwaliorBy 8:30 AM I started from Sikandra towards Gwalior. Distance that I had to cover was: 133 Kms and time it took was 4 hours.I reached Gwalior by 12:30 PM. I had my navigation set to "Gwalior Fort". You start feeling the city by now. Everything at ease and everything slow. Traffic becomes a bit tough and you start to get towards Gwalior fort.I saw few banners of Tansen Samaroh happening at Tansen's Tomb. I did not know till now that Tansen had a tomb in Gwalior. The sound of music was in the air. I headed towards Tansen's Tomb.
Although the tomb was made by Jahangir in around 1605-1613, it was Akbar who planned the design and chose the site for the tomb.
Arka Hazra
on the second day on my way to delhi i planned a short trip to sikandra , beautiful place with majestic architecture with grand entrance and beautifully decorated with magical design skills of mughal era inside the Akbar's will get a chance to see peacock and deer in side the premises .i am not sharing too much pictures because i dont want to spoil your tour before witnessing by yourself.
Prahlad Raj
5. Akbar's Tomb - A bit outside the city. Need to change 2 share rickshaws.
Avni Shrivastav
The mausoleum of the greatest emperor of the Mughals, Akbar, Sikandra is a red sandstone structure that has geometric white marble work.