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Although the tomb was made by Jahangir in around 1605-1613, it was Akbar who planned the design and chose the site for the tomb.
Arkka Hazra
on the second day on my way to delhi i planned a short trip to sikandra , beautiful place with majestic architecture with grand entrance and beautifully decorated with magical design skills of mughal era inside the Akbar's will get a chance to see peacock and deer in side the premises .i am not sharing too much pictures because i dont want to spoil your tour before witnessing by yourself.
Prahlad Raj
5. Akbar's Tomb - A bit outside the city. Need to change 2 share rickshaws.
Avni Shrivastav
The mausoleum of the greatest emperor of the Mughals, Akbar, Sikandra is a red sandstone structure that has geometric white marble work.
Abhra Ghosh
Next stop was Sikandra - Tomb of Great Akbar!!! It's located just outside the main Agra city and is on the side of Mathura Road!!With blue sky above, the front gate looks beautiful. After entering the main house, the wall and ceiling details will mesmerise you.After this u must have your lunch as it will be 2 o'clock by now!!