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Tomb of Akbar the Great

Prashali Gupta
Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra, where one of the greatest emperors in the world lies buried, is one of the finest examples of Mughals' architecture. Akbar itself supervised the construction of this masterpiece until his death, which later continued by his son, Jahangir. The tomb is located in the suburbs of Agra, on Mathura road, around 8km from the city center.
Mahima Agarwal
We reached the Tomb by 1pm after a 40-minute drive. It is a magnificent complex with gigantic red sandstone archways and minarets with kaleidoscopic patterns carved on them using marble and several other naturally patterned stones. The beautifully adorned ceilings were particularly overwhelming for me. Another thing that took me by surprise were the free-roaming deers in the gardens!
Amrita Kumar
Eclipsed by the Taj, lies another monument of great historical importance which is highly overlooked by tourists coming to Agra. Akbar's Tomb is near the outskirts of the city and not as well maintained as it should be. The campus is peaceful ,with gardens and a single mausoleum building.