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Adete Dahiya
Start off the day by visiting Switzerland's loftiest peak – Mt. Titlis – and get a 360 degree view of the Alps from the summit. You can reach the top in the world's first revolving cable car and also experience the Titlis Cliff Walk at the highest suspension bridge in Europe.Pro tip: Carry a windcheater and wear warm clothing even if you are visiting in the summer. The temperatures can drop to sub-zero pretty quickly.
Sonam Singh
Day 6:Next day was for DDLJ point i.e. Mount Titlis. Mt. Titlis is a glacier experience (like Jungfraujoch) with wonderfull views in the greater Lucerne area.We hopped on Swiss Rail from Interlaken via Lucerne to Engelberg . Reached Mt. Titilis via Cable Car from Engelberg's base. Weather was clear sun was too bright ,did walk on the cliff and visited glacier cave. Had lunch at restaurant where indian food was available. This was the place where I saw majority of Indians. I think people still misses DDLJ era. People were clicking pictures with Kajol & Sharukh posters at Mt.Titlis.
 Footloose Dev
For those who don't know, Mount Titlis is a mountain located at 10,000 feet above sea level, in the Urner Alps of Switzerland. It can be easily accessible from Zurich, via train, but the best way to explore it is by booking a day trip from a tour company. This is for two reasons, one: because it's convenient and saves you time, and two: because by doing so you get to explore another highlight in Switzerland, and that is the beautiful town of Luzern.
Ramprasad Subudhi
The weather at Switzerland was chilly and there was drizzling rain and snowfall at mountain top as they reached Mt.Titlis. The Eurorail experience that takes you through the snow capped mountains is breathtaking. After getting down from the train taking the rotating elevator, one reaches the Top of Europe. There are many adventures available on the top. Rotair and Skywalk over Mt.Titlis are one of the outta world experience. Having lunch in an open air restaurant at the top of Europe is quite romantic. By evening, the train took all the tourists back to Lucerne for an overnight stay at Radisson.
Neha Makdey
Mukesh Kwatra
Mt.Titlis in Switzerland
Ishita Desai
And it is at Mount Titlis that we got to experience the best of cable car rides and enjoyed the breathtaking views for forty-five minutes. The highlight of the journey is the world’s first revolving cable car, Rotair that rotates 360 degree during the five-minute trip to the summit. As we whirled above the Titlis Glacier, we got panoramic views of rising icy peaks, deep crevasses and green pastures of Engelberg. Unlike other cable cars, where few lucky ones get the views, the Rotair treats one and all with stunning scenery. On the top, we rode on the Ice Flyer chairlift that took us down to the Glacier Park where there were many snow activities to try like sledging, snow tubing for free. Adjacent to the chairlift, we did the more adventurous cliff walk on the bridge that was the Europe’s highest suspension bridge when opened in 2012.
Sumedha Bharpilania
"Snow here, snow there, snow everywhere" could easily be the kindergarten definition of Mount Titlis. 3238 metres above sea level, it is Central Switzerland's tallest mountain and is accessed by a cable car that revolves! The four leg journey starts in normal gondolas from Gerschinalp to Trubsee and then Stand followed by a transfer into the fantastic spinning human invention. After a steep and head-spinning ascent that provides you lovely views of meadows that ultimately make way for the blinding snow, drafts of icy winds greet you the moment you step out of the cable car into Mount Titlis Station. Apart from being as close as one can get to the staggering Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, Titlis is also a home away from home for most Indians owing to the omnipresence of Bollywood. Switzerland has turned into a miniature version of India because of the huge number of Hindi movies that are filmed here and an elaborate photo studio that houses life-sized cut-outs of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol from 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' only speaks volumes about their popularity. There's also a fancy restaurant, a chocolate shop, a glacier park which is reached by virtue of a somewhat scary chair lift and also a glacier palace. A 40 minute ride on the scenic Lucerne-Engelberg Express from Lucerne gets you to the town of Engelberg after which the aforementioned cable cars take you to the top. Checking the Lucerne Tourist Office on Zentralstrasse for the Mount Titlis excursion tickets should get you all the necessary information and the possession of a Swiss pass could get you major discounts. Remember that the cableway closes at 5 in the evening and make sure you carry several warm clothes along with sunglasses.
Clean snow, Various rides, good safety measures, escalators to drive you up again and again after you finish your ride, so you can do it again,
Ruchika Makhija
A wonderful way to experience the Alps.