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Madhura Gawandi
#7. Jungfraujoch ..Enjoy some snow! We had a blast there, with some snow game, and specially inacting Tu Mere Samane song :) Super duper fun!
Excitement was at it's peak as we were going to see Mt Titlis. The way to Engelberg was very scenic with green meadows and small houses in between them and suddenly we started seeing the fog , mountains and then snow cap mountains.
Anandita Agrawal
Animesh Sood
During the tour, we took a walk over the "Cliff Walk", the highest suspension bridge in Europe. The Mount Titlis tour also gave an opportunity to get closer to the cracks in Glacier with a ride on the Ice-Flyer and visit the Glacier Park where we tried snow tubing. The Ice-Flyer is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity where one goes through the mountains in a semi-open sky chairs. By the afternoon, we were quite hungry and stopped for lunch at one of the restaurants. The tour reaches its pinnacle with a cable car descent that was as exciting as the ascending journey.
Parampara Patil Hashmi
Well, when we reached Mt. Titlis we were only lucky enough to experience a foggy journey to the top as the temperatures kept dipping. By the time we reached the top, it was snowing and raining, so much that we could only see the whites. All the attractions including the suspension bridge were shut. I could say that the trip was almost a flop. But this was my first time ever in -6 degrees and this was all the snow I had seen in my life. And I couldn't think of a better rendezvous with snow, than this!Winter KayakingOur final activity, a day before we left was winter kayaking. Now honestly, we had kayaked before in the sea- in Split and Maldives. But we had never kayaked in a lake. And we thought that the idea of an outdoor activity like this in chilly Swiss winters was quite the challenge. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!