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Neha Kirpal
After that, I headed towards Ballenberg, which was somewhat of a cultural feast. At Ballenberg, I visited the open-air museum, which has more than 100 original, centuries-old Swiss houses and courtyards. It’s a place full of fields, meadows, farm gardens, farmyard animals, and traditional arts and handicrafts. The museum also has craftsmen showcasing more than 25 traditional handicrafts, including baking, wood cutting, spinning, basket weaving, cheese making, cooking, sawing, chocolate production and pottery. 
Susan Sharma
Rural Switzerland, recreated for tourists in Ballenberg, is a must visit for all Indians. It helps us appreciate our own rural crafts and artifacts even more! At Ballenberg, in Switzerland, about 100 rural houses have been erected as architectural and socio-historical witnesses of everyday life and rural culture of past times. Ballenberg is a living village with farmhouse gardens, meadows and 250 odd farm animals.