The clear air, trees, hills, sound of Trishuli river flowing on the right were making the environment surreal and being out from the chaos of modern day living was best feeling. We were travelling through the beautiful highway in a good speed with some good music on; in the meantime the speaker strapped on one of the bag badly fell down and reached the other side of the road. We stopped to pick it up; pen drive attached to it broke into pieces and main part was lost but thankfully speaker survived with just few scratches.Not much thinking about the event, the ride continued and in no time we reached Malekhu. The highway section till Malekhu was the challenging one due to sand trippers as well as loaded trucks, which does't bother much about following the lane as well as other traffic rules. As Malekhu is a place popular for fish, we ordered some and waited for the next bike to reach there. After 10-15 minutes, it arrived. We spent around 40 minutes there.