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Government Museum and Art Gallery

Sattanurupa Saha
The unique way featured museum is one of the most renowned museums in India as it owes most of its exhibits to the partition of India in 1948 when nearly 40 percent of the objects were brought here from Lahore Museum. The museum was inaugurated in 1968 and it is situated in the heart of Chandigarh with a sprawling campus. The museum has four wings like the art gallery, the national history museum, the national gallery of portraits and the Chandigarh architecture museum. This museum has the unique collection of art objects, paintings and sculptures like miniature paintings from Pahari, Rajasthan and Gandharan sculptures. There were many coins, ploughs and implements, bows and arrows, swords and knives, etc and all those things which were from Paleolithic Age and many chairs which were made of stigs. All these things gave me the remembrance of my subject history which I studied in my school. There were many arts and paintings in the art gallery which were incredible. There were paintings like ‘Morning Dip’, ‘After Bath’, ‘Mountain Boy’, ‘Face in the Mirror’, ‘A Beautiful Scenery’, ‘Khadi Work between Three Sisters’, etc, made by the famous artist Ms. Shobha Singh. All these paintings were very beautiful.
Tasneem Merchant
The Government Museum and Art Gallery contains a vast collection of Indian miniature and contemporary paintings. Gandhara style of sculpting was popular during kings Asoka time. Some the beautiful sculptures of the same style can be found at the Museum. What's more, it also contains some of the earliest dinosaur fossils that were found in India. Yes, you read that right. Dinosaur fossils. In India! The manuscript section of the Gallery will be of extreme interest to those who take an interest in History, as it houses several documents which form an integral part of our rich and diverse past.