The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Let's get real for a moment and admit that sometimes just the quality of coffee or the grub isn't enough to please people. Standards have been set with every place battling it out with their quirky themes, decor, food, brew and ambience. It can't be easy for a true cafe lover to look through every cafe in town, so we have narrowed down our list to the 5 most pretty and delightful cafes in town, that are not only pleasing to the aesthetic eye but also the perfect to unwind.

Credits-Whistling Duck

Photo of Whistling Duck, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

A casual cafe tucked in the back lanes of the popular Sector 26 Whistling Duck is the perfect amalgamation of chic, contemporary and artistic design. This creativity finds its way into the menu as well, with an elaborate list of innovative drinks and gourmet Asian, European and North Indian cuisines. They even have their own fresh take on the regular juice and smoothie bar which has been wowing diners since its inception.

Credits:Whistling Duck

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

The Shelf- Credits: Whistling Duck

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try- Vietnamese prawn curry(mother of all curries bursting with flavour that combines lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chilli and coriander), the karela salad(a fresh and spicy take on fried bitter gourd) and to end things on a sweet note, try their special Thai iced tea.

Where-SCO 10, Back Lane, Sector 26, Chandigarh

Contact-0172 400 7111

Price For Two- ₹1,700

Open-11:30 AM - 12:00 AM

The quaint indoors with an outdoor influence/Credits:Willow Cafe

Photo of Willow Cafe, Azaadi Route, 10D, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

It’s hard to beat the English Countryside vibe here, Willow Cafe has earned itself the title of the 'pretty English cafe' and rightly so, because of the setting of this three storied cafe complete with an outdoor garden terrace cafe, dainty wing chair sofas, wooden tables and plush upholstery, reminiscent of an English tea house.

It's not just the decor that has patrons swarming this quaint cafe, it is also the intricate details and attention they put on their menu. Right from the breakfast options, to the continental fare, the new twist on popular Indian street food, Willow Cafe has done comfort food right!

The Live Kitchen/ Credits-Willow Cafe

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try-British beer-battered fish, Chicken Ballotine, (stuffed with delicious meat, mushrooms and spinach, on a bed of cheesy mash) and the very desi but very delicious Amritsari kulcha with pickle and chutney.

Where-Shop No. 01, Geri Route, Sector 10 D Chandigarh, 160010,

Contact-+91 172 6530234

Open: 8.30 Am to 12.00 Am

Price for two: ₹800-₹1500

Dreamy lights at Rustic Door

Photo of RUSTIC DOOR, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

We promised you a list of great cafes and you need not settle for anything less than the best, which brings us to our next cafe, Rustic Door, a heady and eclectic mix of colours, quirky glass lights, mirrors, wooden furniture and plush sofas.

The place serves as an excellent backdrop for quiet romantic meals and even business meetings. The warm lighting and walls make it easy for that oh so Instagram-worthy picture and the elaborate menu of comforting Italian food will not disappoint either.

Perfect for a romantic night out! Credits-Rustic Door

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try-Spaghetti Bolognese ( Layered with thick, rich sauce with great depth of flavour)

Where- SCF 12 SECTOR 10 D, Chandigarh, 160011

Contact- 095694 73982

Open- 11AM–11:30PM

Price for two- ₹1500 (approx.)

You cannot but notice! Credits-Crown Patisserie

Photo of The Crown Patisserie Café, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

Quality cakes and high tea food in India isn’t easy to come by, which is why the lovely Crown Patisserie Cafe is one of our picks. This cafe has influences of the typical Parisian Cafe's and coffee shops, complete with white and pastel green Tudor decor, elegant sofas and eclectic wall decor.

Crown Patisserie serves hearty breakfast items and fresh high tea desserts that reflect the pastry chef's culinary experiences. What started as a humble home bakery has now flourished into one of the most delightful coffee shops in town.

A floral Pineapple cake by Crown Patisserie

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try- Every item at Crown is made with heart and perfection, but if you must try one thing then make sure you try their Genoise cake with cream chantilly and the classic red velvet cupcake.

Where- SCO 14 (First Floor) , Sector 17E Chandigarh, India

Contact- 098888 88583

Open -11:00 Am- 22:00 Pm

Price for two-₹ 400- ₹600

Cafe JC's

The dreamy interiors by Cafe JC's

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Tucked away in a backlane of the market in Sector 10, Cafe JC's has made a name for itself by its unassuming character which is light, fresh and easy just like its food. Their light pastel decor, the open concept, and choice of furniture will provide you with the dreamiest of Instagram backdrops.

A perfect picnic setting, bright, airy and with lots of great gourmet food, yes please! A delightful brunch and dinner menu created using some of the best local ingredients and produce make JC's a heartwarming destination that provides food for the soul.

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try- Florentine chicken( A hearty dish filled with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and the creamiest pasta),Indo-Chini Bro Bro (Fusion food with Indian and Chinese dishes on a platter) and carrying on the tradition of ending things on a sweet note, try the brownie sandwich (A heady mix of Nutella, walnut brownie with chocolate drizzle and generous scoops of ice-cream)

Where-Shop 2 & 3, Coal Depot Complex, Sector 10 D, Sector 10, Chandigarh

Phone -0172 4630666

Open- 10 Am to 11:30 Pm

Price for two- ₹1200

Credits-Gusto Kitchen & Kaffe

Photo of Gusto Kitchen & Kaffe, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

This pretty, casual dining space turns out some of the best Spanish dishes in Chandigarh, with even a hint of Lebanese and Greek cooking in the mix.

The whimsical decor with pretty wallpapers and the flower bicycles adorning the exterior of the shop as well as the washroom add that breezy character to the whole cafe.


Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try- Pesto and pickled mushroom risotto (layered with parmesan cheese and grilled charcoal vegetables) and for non vegetarians, the braised lamb shanks with saffron risotto is a great option. If you are looking for something lighter and fresh the watermelon and feta cheese salad can lighten things up a little. End the day on a sweet note with the classic churros and chocolate sauce.

Where-SCO 180, Inner Market, Sector 7 C, Chandigarh

Contact-0172 46306660

Open-8:00 AM - 11:30 PM

Price for two-₹1200-₹1600 (approx.)

Credits-Virgin Courtyard

Photo of Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

Right from the elegant courtyard to the white brick wall to the selective splash of turquoise blue, every corner of Virgin Courtyard is a gorgeous Instagram worthy feed waiting to happen.

Ideal for a lazy afternoon rendezvous or even a candlelight dinner, this stunning courtyard transitions easily from an easy brunch place to a romantic night affair with the perfect backdrop of pebbled pathways and fountains.

Credits-Virgin Courtyard

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Drawing inspiration from Italy, the chefs dish out some of the most hearty and fresh Italian dishes made with organic ingredients.

Must try- Salmon ravioli in saffron sauce (Delicious ravioli with a filling of cooked salmon, shallots, and cheese)Wine braised chicken leg( Rich and deeply flavoured braise with red wine, mushrooms, lardons, and onions). And then bring out the sweet showstopper, mascarpone raspberry brulee ( Classic French dessert with creamy layers of burnt cream)

Where- SCO 1A, Madhya Marg, Sector 7C, Chandigarh, 160007

Contact-086990 00999

Open- 11:30AM–11:30PM

Price for two-₹1500- ₹2000

Credits-Cafe Nomad

Photo of Cafe Nomad, Chandigarh, India by Richa Devi

A vintage style restaurant with influences from the Middle East, Cafe Nomad serves food that is a welcome change from the regular cafes. Cafe Nomad aims to offer guests a peek into the culinary experiences from the Middle East and will also make you feel like you've traveled back in time.

Photo of The 8 Most Instragrammable Cafes In Chandigarh by Richa Devi

Must try-Casablanca couscous (Creamy yoghurt on a bed of vegetables and couscous made from steamed semolina and wheat) Jujeh kebab (Iranian char grilled chicken marinated with yoghurt and saffron) and for a lil bit of zesty fresh taste try the Fattoush salad(Crispy lettuce with fried bits of pita, tomatoes, lemon, olive oil and mint)

Where- Sector 7, Chandigarh

Contact-+91 8437031469

Price for two-₹1,500

Open- 11:30AM–11:30PM

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