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Changu Narayan Temple

Chetali Dh
"Changu Narayan Temple" is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.One of the oldest temple in Nepal. It's a UNESCO world heritage site.
Jemima Durnford
From Bhaktapur we visited Changu Narayan Temple, situated 6 miles north of the town. It is one of the oldest temples in Nepal dedicated to lord vishnu. It stands on top of a hill with lovely views and it was very peaceful and pretty. To get there we took a bus part of the way and continued on foot, we didn't pass any people so hoped we were going in the right direction and eventually the road started winding up the hill we saw the village ahead of us, there were no tourists and it had a very relaxing atmosphere. It was certainly a lovely setting and the temple itself was very beautiful, covered in intricately carved wooden detail and metalwork.
Changu Narayan Temple is some 6km north of Bhaktapur and is the oldest pagoda temple of Kathmandu valley. Dating back to 464 AD, the spectacular temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Nagarkot is a small hill station, 18 km from Bhaktapur, famous for its sunrise and the landscape that is best for overnight stay.