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Coffee in our cups and water with the cloud emptied at the same time. Then we tracked the trail to Dovan (2505m) through the rain forest. The trail was not steep but we were somehow gaining the altitude. As we reached Dovan, we went to a hotel just in front of the nice waterfall, asked for the room, dropped the backpacks, put some warm clothes on as it was too cold and went outside. When we got out of our hotel room, we saw a group of tourists gathered in the backyard of another hotel and were looking at the hill. I joined them and with a smile and a usual "Namaste" enquired the reason behind the gathering. One among the crowd told that there is a bear moving in the far hill. I watched it through the camera viewfinder with some zoom, some object movement was there but I was unable to confirm whether it was bear or anything else. Meanwhile a lady from maybe from Korea or China approached me to look at it and later thanked me saying she saw it, but I was not sure because with the noise due to high camera ISO everything were moving. Anyway it was some fun.We had potato soup before having nice dinner and in no time we were off to bed.STAR TRAILS TO SNOW FALLAs we slept early yesterday, we had no hesitations on getting up early. It was 4:15 AM when we left our bed and got outside of the hotel room. The surroundings were still covered with darkness but the twinkling stars were making the sky beautiful. I thought it to be the perfect time to find some movements of stars over Himalayas and set the camera accordingly. I did few shots with relatively long exposure settings; results were pretty cool. In this type of photography the camera need to be busy than the person behind, so Sunil and Me stayed in the outside table covering us with the blankets bought from room. It was 4:45 and shivering cold.After around 30 - 40 minutes, the east horizon began to spread the lights and Mount Fishtail was clear in front of us and few patches of clouds were hovering over it. Other mountains were not visible from Dovan. After the dawn, we became fresh with ice cool water and get ready to hit the trail. We had light breakfast before moving.
Nachikethas MJ
The daal bhat (now costs Rs 500) from Bamboo is making both our stomachs upset. Here in the mountain area as you go up the price of food and its taste are inversely proportional. The costlier it becomes, the tasteless it gets! “Just 3 more hours to Himalayas” encourages a guide. The 1 hour trekking from Bamboo to Dovan (2505 M) is the easiest way I have travelled so far. Maybe the beautiful trail through the woods distracted me from the pain. It is lush greenery everywhere and absolute silence. The sun is totally behind the mountains and the light is fading fast. It's been a while since we saw a human soul. Memories from the way to Ghorepani. Oh no... We know where this is going. Not good.Suddenly from the woods appears a guy running with his track suit on (I swear he was running through that trail!). “45 minutes more to Himalayas if you are walking”. Yah, as if we are going to run like you with this luggage!!! Anyway thank you so much for the encouraging words, fellow traveler, and please carry on with your evening jog. It is just like a deja vu of the 2nd day evening, isn't it? Trekking through the dark trail with tiring legs, a stranger appears like an angel to encourage us and disappears into the wilderness for jogging!! The only missing part is of Thuppali. I miss him so badly.