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Jhinu Danda

Hike Nepal
Day 11 : Trek to JhinuHeight: 1,780 m/5,839 ftTime: 5-6 hoursWe will have an early breakfast and start a trek to Jhinu. We will initially achieve a place called Khuldi Ghar. We will slide to Chomrong River from Khuldi Ghar. Sinuwa and Tilche lie on our street to Chomrong. We will reach Jhinu slope in the wake of strolling for almost a hour from Chomrong. You can appreciate common boiling water spring in Jhinu. We will rest following the loosening up understanding of the normal high temp water spring shower.
It was the relaxed trail till. The uphill track started after crossing the bridge and it kept going in the similar fashion most of the times as well as occasional flat area till Kimrong Khola, the base of Jhinu Danda from where the trail was steep for around 30 minutes. After reaching Jhinu Danda we got into the first hotel to the right, ordered lunch, kept the backpack and went down to the much awaited hot spring. As that was first time for me in such natural hot spring I was excited a bit more. Three square shaped, human made ponds were there, little above the bank of Modi River that collects the hot water. In addition to that few hot water taps were also available. After taking off the clothes and keeping them in a small hut nearby, I slowly jumped in to the refreshing warm water and stayed inside for some moments. It was good revitalization to the body. I felt quite strange to touch the hot water about two meters up from the freezing cool water of Modi River. I, along with friends spent more than an hour in different ponds, water temperature inside the pond was almost same in all but water from the tap was hotter. After completing the hot water bath we changed the clothes and ascended towards the hotel. We reached hotel at around 15-20 minutes, lunch was almost ready. We had delightful meal staying in the dining table outside of the hotel, packed the bags then got ready to climb steep hill towards Chhomorong. Floating clouds began to cover the surrounding hills increasing the chances of rain. As we spent more time than planned in Jhinu danda we didn't make further delay. We put on the raincoat and started the final trek for the day. About 5-10 minutes after we started ascending, it started raining heavily; we decided to wait for the rain to subside staying in the nearby hotel area and that continued for few minutes. As the force of the rain minimized, we continued the walk. Small yet beautiful settlement of Jhinu Danda started fading and it slowly lost in the cloud. As we crossed all of the few remaining human settlements of the area, it started raining very badly - not only cats and dogs but their neighbors and friends too ;). Me and Bikash were leading the way but other two guys were not on the scene. We were enjoying the walk in the rain but I was a bit worried about my camera, which was strapped on the shoulder. With that intensity of rain, raincoat seemed almost useless and we didn't even have any place to stay and wait for the rain to abate. We were only seeing each other as every other things were under the clouds. It was too cold and fingers were shivering. The frustrating rain continued for 30-40 minutes and in the meantime we reached Chomorong too. Following the track covered with flat stones, we went to a hotel to the right that seemed pretty nice, requested a room and unloaded the wet backpack. I immediately took off the camera, removed the battery and kept it covering with the towel - as per the company's description, battery and card slots were said to be weather sealed but I didn't want to take a chance. We went to the dining area after changing the clothes, ordered soup and coffee waiting for other two guys. As we were about to finish the soup, guys came into the scene and instantaneously we called them.As I started feeling some kind of warmness after soup and coffee, I came out of the dining hall and looked at the surroundings but everything was hiding behind the cloud, my hope to have some shots of mountains with twinkling stars went on vain. I had nothing to do except waiting for the dinner to get ready, so I entered to the dining hall again. It was almost packed with domestic as well as international tourists and they were busy in their own way. After having usual Nepali dinner, the tiring day was over.THE UP-DOWN TRAIL
Nachikethas MJ
I said no immediately on hearing that the hot spring is a 20 minutes’ walk from the inn where we took room. Because their 20 minutes is 45 mins for us. "Dip yourself in hot water for some time; it will heal your knees very much" "Really? Then let’s do it" Adi finally succeeded in persuading me. Camelia and Amin are already done with the bath but Marry and Javier are here, small world haaa. Slowly I dipped myself in to the warm water in one of the three pools they had constructed here. After all the self-torture called the ‘trekking’ we deserve this completely. Missing this would have been a crime. The Europeans who followed us all day are jumping in to the cold stream of Modi Khola and jumping back to the pool again and again. Crazy people. Though I know relaxation won’t last longer I completely enjoyed the hot springs while Adi looked quite sulky. After all this was his plan! The money in our pocket is just sufficient to pay the bills at the lodge for the day.