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Machhapuchhre Base Camp

As I was feeling cold, I asked for a glass of hot water with honey and that drink warmed the body soon. Guys had drinks of their choice. After some moments, the snowfall was stopped but clouds were still covering the sky. Some glimpse of Mount Fishtail and Mount Himchuli shined with the sunset color but moving clouds always acted as villain. We had enough time to whatever we like - from removing the snow with shovel from hotel backyard to sleeping & dancing on it. While we were doing all crazy stuffs, an Argentine expressed his dissatisfaction with us in very rude fashion but we ignored him. Darkness covered the mountains early that day due to the clouds and that was dinner time too. Meanwhile Bikash felt some sort of stomach pain and he claimed that was due to gastritis; we had no options rather than believing him as gastric was normal for him. Due to pain he had very little rice. After dinner we went to the bed but his pain became intense and medicines weren't showing any effects - we didn't know what to do. With the warmness of the bed I was asleep after few moments into the bed but the guy with pain and other two were busy doing this and that to minimize the discomfort resulting very less sleep. We were in such a situation that if that wasn't the snowy trail, we would have descended during the night.
Nachikethas MJ
Machhapuchhre may have got more fame than any other mountains in this sanctuary apart from Annapurna I itself but it certainly lacks in terms of height. With an elevation of 6997 mts, it is one of the shortest among her sisters. Direct sunlight is really a luxury here as it lasts just around 6 hours a day due to the tall mountains surrounding the valley. But it seems nature doesn’t like us enjoying even that as it fills the entire place with thick mist, which comes all the way up from the gorges. To the left of the base camp is the way to the ABC. Annapurna South is visible from here but no sign of Annapurna I. Soon even that sight vanished in the mist. Adi suggests to push for ABC now itself. But we decide to stay at MBC to acclimatize ourselves properly before the 4100 meters climb of ABC. After all we have to respect these mountains…..Mark who reached late came and joined us for a cup of tea (without milk of course). “People come to ABC after a mentally and physically torturing trekking just to take selfies with the mountain and head back fast. It is not that you come here every year. You have to make the most of it.” Couldn't agree more. Thanks to our stay at Himalayas instead of Dovan, we have enough time to chill at MBC. The sky gets clear once in a while when the mist vanishes into thin air only to be followed by more of it from down the valley. Our conversation moved to Brexit and to the freedom of Northern Ireland, under the supervision of Machhapuchhre who peeks occasionally.