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Hike Nepal
Day 7 : Trek to SinuwaElevation: 2,340 m/7,677 ftTime: 7-8 hoursWe will stroll down to Kimrong Khola from Tadapani. Kimrong Khola offers extraordinary sight of the upper Modi valley. We will pursue the stream and cross it by means of a high suspension connect. Our trek prompts a tough way for an additional thirty minutes until the point when we achieve a place called Chhomrong (2,210 m). Chhomrong lies at the base of Himal Chuli.Chhomrong is the biggest Gurung settlement in this valley and we will have our lunch here. We will set out toward Sinuwa after lunch.
Rohit kumar Singh Jadon
Thursday: [ABC to Sinuwa] You start your return trek today. The trail is going to be easy as it will be all downhill. You will get accommodation in lodges for NPR 200(₹125) and two meals for around NPR 1,100(₹690).Total expense at the end of day: ₹7,881
Nachikethas MJ
This is the 3rd time we are walking through these steps. The swollen leg is killing me and Adi also has his own problems with his sprained leg. The 45 minutes horrible climb down brought us near the bridge to cross to the other side. The steep path to the lower Sinuwa (2340 M) is a piece of cake compared to the former. We cannot make mistakes like the last time for the rooms as the availability is getting lower and lower as we go up till MBC. The caretaker of a lodge in Sinuwa helped us to book 2 beds in a dormitory in Himalayas, which comes after Dovan, for a bribe of Rs 500. Oh! anything for a room! Talking about cash I don’t think we have enough of it in our pockets to survive till the last day if we are going to eat and drink like this. So I cut down Adi’s milk tea to black tea.Sinuwa seems never ending as we realized the next 45 minutes of the climb took us to the upper Sinuwa only. The sun which made us sweat throughout the morning is now slowly hiding behind the thick branches of the tropical forest on the way to the next village – Bamboo (2190 M). The trail through very deep and narrow gorges will be like this till MBC, I can see it from here whenever the forest opens up a bit to allow us to peep. Through the gaps of branches one small village is appearing far far away. Hope it is not Himalayas because that is an awfully long distance to cover.The famous 750 steps of Bamboo is a climb down and is easy according to one lady traveller. But she has no idea about our condition. My partner is in tremendous pain and is limping most of the time. “Maybe I won't be able to make it to MBC, you go and comeback. I will wait for you at Himalayas”. I seriously hope he doesn't mean that!