Tadapani 1/2 by Tripoto


Nachikethas MJ
Finally we reached Thadapani around evening 5. No more night trekking then, yay! Keeping a promise has its own joy. Small village of Thadapani is having only 4 lodges which all seems full. After a brief search we managed to get a tiny room around the corner. Giving few clothes for washing we went outside. Machhapuchchhre and Annapurna South are barricading the opposite side. From the valley of Machhapuchchhre something is illuminating like the fireflies. "The shepherds set it the old grass on fire purposefully to grow the new one for the sheep to eat" says the caretaker boy. The small dining room is filled already but still we manage to find a little space to have the veg noodles and pasta for dinner.
Raj Abhishek
Once again, commands one of the best views during the trek ( if you have clear view that is ! ). The macchapucchre ( meaning fish tail ) peak looks awesome from here ! The Tadapani to Ghandruk descent also has pretty good views for that matter, so your indulgence continues well into the 4th day as well !