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Elephant Stables

Elephant Stable, this structure is one of less damaged monument in hampi. This is also major tourist attraction in hampi. Built as park for Royal Elephants during Vijayanagar era. The building is consist of 11 domes long and the central one is taller than others. Elephants used to tie at iron rods inside the dome. There is Guard's place named place at left of Elephant's stable, do visit this place which holds all the idols found near by hampi of vijayanagar era. After exploring whole royal enclosure are we walked back to hampi. Rested for some time at Top Secret restaurant and left hampi around 4.30pm.
Venu bairi
The Elephant Stable in Hampi is an impressive structure that was used to provide shelter for the royal elephants of the Vijayanagara Empire.
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vii) Elephant Stables
Kshitiz Goliya
Elephant Stables and nearby structures
Rakesh Malik
Its a big islamic kind of structure with chambers for elephants. There were quite a few small structures and ruins behind this, all of them on a small pathway. There was another ASI ticket fee of ₹30 here.