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September - February
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Elephant Stables

Omkar Kulkarni
Elephants stable is one of the most intact structure in Hampi. As the name suggests this was the place where the royal elephants were kept. This rectangular structure has eleven chambers, and these chambers are so huge that they could accomodate two elephants at the same time. Each chamber has a door at the back side. It might have been used by the mahut, the man who controlled the elephants. The central dome is more decorated as compared to others. Each structure in Hampi makes you fall in love with Hampi more.
Elephant Stables - This long building with a row of domed chambers was used to ‘park’ the royal elephants. There are 11 domed tall chambers; some of them are inter- connected.
Travel Engineer
Imagine the royal elephants with their bejeweled canopies walking through the streets towards the temple. Majestic beasts that helped the kings of vijaynagara take control of many a battle field.
Srijita Kushwaha