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Elephant Stables

Debjani Paul
ELEPHANT STABLE (30MIN)Very close to zenana enclosure is the elephant stable. As the name suggests, it is a place for the royal elephants. There are 11 square, high ceiling chambers aligned north to south served the s residence of the elephants. There are small doors connecting all these chambers which were used by the caretakers of the elephants.
Damini Aggarwal
In total there are 11 domed chambers, tall and inter-connected, giving it a grand appearance. These halls have different shapes, such as drum-shape and octagonal. In the middle is an ornate hall that was perhaps used for ceremonial gatherings that included elephant processions.
The emperor's elephants were held in a stately fashion
Anshul Akhoury
While returning from Dorji Bear Sanctuary you'll come across Lotus Mahal and the Royal Elephant Stables. Entry to Elephant stables is rs 10 for Indian tourists and is open from 8 AM to 6 PM in the evening. These stables were once used for bringing large rocks to the city that built these massive buildings.