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11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM except Fridays
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Rs 5 for Indians, Rs 150 for Foreigners, Rs 5 for children and Rs 50 for a camera
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Salar Jung Museum

Situated on the south western banks of the Musi River and in the Afzalgunj Region, this is the 3rd largest museum of the country. This is also the largest museum with one man collections. There are 38 galleries with over 500000 exhibits here which were earlier housed in a private museum which was then inaugrated by the Prime Minister Jawaharlak Nehru. The present Museum we see was opened in the year 1968. Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III was the able Prime Minister of the 7th Sultan of Hyderabad and is known to have spent almost all his income and 35 years of his life in collectiong the unique pieces which are still conserved here from all over the world. He was extremely passionate about his hobby and the museum is also named after him. The collections remained in the Deodi Palace even after his death before these were showed to the public. The most prized possessions are the statue of Veiled Rebecca and Marguerite and Mephistopheles.
Adarshjit Das
Amidst the bustling, historic and one of the most happening cities of India, Hyderabad, is one of the most beautiful and grandest museums in India, The Salar Jung Museum. It is worth the visit. One of the largest museums I've ever visited. Beautiful exhibits of not only artifacts with origins in India but all over the world, from America, Europe and Asia. The Veiled Rebecca, The Musical Clock and the Ivory collections are some of the renowned and breathtakingly beautiful exhibits. The visit is worthy of time and money spent. There is a very good arrangement of storing baggage and also food, and rest inside the museum premises.
Ankit Jain
This was our last day in the city and we did not have anything planned for the day. We just wanted to kill time as our return flight was early morning at 4 am next day. We started our day with a lovely breakfast. Post our breakfast we rested for a while and headed to Salar Jung museum. We did not take much interest but there are lot of things from the history of Nizam's that is kept for visitors to see. We shortly left from there and had our breakfast in a restaurant located in the same premises which i would not recommend as the food was not that great. We finished our lunch and booked a Uber to Golconda fort. An hour's journey again we reached around 5.15 PM. The fort is has lights show in the evening and you need to reach by 5.30 PM to buy the tickets for the show, else you cannot attend. We did not buy as we were not planning to stay there for long. We left the place shortly and proceeded to Birla temple. Post visiting the temple we came back to our hotel and rested for a few hours before leaving for the airport. We checked Out from our hotel and left for the airport to take our flight back to mumbai.Important notes.1. Please carry sport shoes as there is a lot of walking involved2. The sight seeing places are located in distant places hence consider atleast 1 hour of travel time between locations.3. It is said that Ola fares are cheaper in Hyderabad, hence use both Uber and Ola to compare fares to destinations.4. Nehru Zoological park is closed on Mondays so plan your itinerary accordingly.Frequent searches leading to this pageweekend getaways from hyderabad, hyderabad itinerary for 5 days, hyderabad tour packages for 2 days, hyderabad tour packages for 2 day by bus, package from hyderabad, nehru zoological park hyderabad telangana timings