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September - May
Couples, Friends, Families
5 out of 11 attractions in Palolem

Butterfly Beach

Akash Nakka
Today is Life time Memory:Today we went on same direction further towards palolem, we saw a sign board to butterfly beach, out of curiosity we started talking the loop line diverted from the main road. After 20 min drive we ended up with drive and from there by walk using sign boards we moved further but we don't have any clue where we were going.We landed up in the paradise and its hidden gem in the Goa. The name Butterfly beach. I don't have any word to describe. This is remote beach. You hardly found people there some times people will come and go by the boat service. You have carry some food, and drinks no shops will be available with in walkable distance. This places is purely feels like a private place to spend.
Omkar Nilapwar
We decided to go for sightseeing. We all woke up and left our place at 10 A.M. We explored the Leopard Valley, a beautiful place. There are 3-4 beaches in Leopard Valley, and if you are taking car, make sure you grab your barbeque setup, Bluetooth speakers and have your own private party. The beaches are amazing, just don’t take left from Leopard Valley name stone, the road is quite awful instead you can opt for straight road through the village, and on the way you can ask the villagers for the route to Butterfly beach. The beach is situated right after Honeymoon beach. There are many beaches between Palolem and Agonda. Agonda is a huge beach and even there is a rock formation that resembles a Tortoise on Butterfly beach, you can see the rock formation while exiting from Honeymoon beach. The Chicken and Fish tastes amazing here. Here is where you can have delicious Chicken, Moraes Fast Food, Old Market.
Sited 37 kilometers away from Margao, towards the north of Palolem beach is this hidden gem with a beautiful name. Butterfly beach has a small stretch and is totally unexplored by tourists, which makes it a private spot for couples to access. Since the beach lies amidst a dense forest, there’s no accessibility through roads. But, there’s an option of renting a short boat-ride from Palolem or Agonda to get here.