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Rupam Chaudhuri
Temperatures in Gairibas start dipping rapidly after sunset and falls below zero during the night. Being situated between hills even sunlight falls about an hour later than sunrise owing to the the shadows of the hills. So if you are planning to visit this place then be prepared to carry out your ablutions in sub zero temperatures.
Akash Nath
A single gaze up the long, winding, steep mountain trail confirms your fear - It has all the features of being a challenge, too daunting.Persevere. Because only after you have struggled, fought with your own self, and scaled that height; do you realise what you have achieved.You do not know what you are capable of - This Is Life. Throwback to the second toughest part of the trek
Anand Shah
Then we reached Gairibas , which was the midpoint of the day where there is SSB camp and Singalila check post. We enjoyed Tea & momos there. who will not like hot tea & snacks amid so cold climate !