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Kothandaramaswamy Temple

First I visited the Gandhamathana Parvatham where in Lord Rama's foot step is being found. Then I moved to Lord Vishnu's temple. I visited the Ramar Theertam and Lakshmana Theertham and visited the Hanuman's Temple. Finally we saw the floating stone from Ramar Bridge to Sri Lanka which was believed to be preserved from the time of Ramayana. Then I moved to Kothandaramaswamy Temple which was the only remains of the cyclone of 1964 which wiped off Dhanushkodi.Day 3: Highlights of Rameshwaram- Part 2So this was the day! I had to see the non holy places! I went to Gulf of Mannar directly! I will share a detailed post on Gulf of Mannar later!
After a hectic hard work to get the promotion I deserved, I wanted to relax out and ward off my pressure built in my mind. So, I have decided to go out for a trip. So, it is been a while since I drove bikes and went on for a long ride. So, I have decided to move for a biking trip to Rameshwaram.Getting there:Rameshwaram is well connected with Rail and road routes. Head to Chennai and take a bus or train to Rameshwaram. It is a day's journey.I went to Madurai from Chennai via flight and picked up my friend's bike and started my 160 kms journey.Most important- Health Hazard:Temperature is very high here scaling up to 45 degree Celsius. I had severe sun burn after heading to Chennai. So carry a sun cream and other medicines upon doctor's prescription.Things to carry- Must:1. Camera- Missed many beautiful moments. Every picture uploaded here is shot via my BlackBerry Passport Smartphone2. Binoculars- You can see the Sri Lankan Naval Base and International Base Line between India and Sri Lanka from Rameshwaram3. Swim suites- Beach! Beach! Beach! All over beaches! Don't forget!4. Small value Indian coins- There are many items to purchase at Rameshwaram. They are pretty cheap ranging from 0.25 paise to 100 rupees. So, memorabilia is too important.5. Pairs of alternate clothes- As stated earlier, due to hot sun, you will get sweats and hence the need.6. Stay Hydrated throughout the journey- Have water where ever you find.Day 1: Entering RameshwaramRameshwaram will welcome all its visitors by hot sun! You have entered Rameshwaram once you feel the atmospheric temperature pumped up!