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Tilmati Beach

Shilpa Shashidhar
Tilmati Beach – The Black Sand BeachThe sand here looks like black sesame, which is why the beach is named Tilmati which means sesame (til) and sand (mati) by the locals. You need to hike to Tilmati beach, there is no other way. We drove till the end of the Majali beach. There is a small hill at the end of the beach, Tilmati beach is on the other side of the hill. A small hike accompanied by breathtaking views of the Arabian sea, you will reach the Tilmati beach.
Vivek Kumar
As I was returning from my week long trip to Coorg, there is one place that I wanted to camp for a night: Tilmati Beach. As I have been informed and found out, that this was a virgin beach, some 12 kms from Karwar, with Black Sand. Virgin and Black sand got me hooked on to it, since the time I came to know about it, and I just wanted to see it for myself. Hence, I moved from Mangalore to Karwar, in a KSRTC state transport Bus, as unfortunately all the Luxury Buses have left for the day.I reached Karwar, around 12:30 in the morning. It was midnight and I didn't have much options to rest, apart from going to the beach. So, I walked to the beach, and it had the most calming effect on the tensed nerves of my brain, due to the long day. Once there, I thought of clicking some good images of the moon, however, unfortunately, moon disappeared in clouds, soon, leaving me high and dry; alone at the beach.
Onkar Patwardhan
While wandering around, I came to the village of Majali and was just walking around the beach, when I met a local. He informed me that if I cross the mountain, I would reach a hidden black sand beach (Locally known as Tilmati Beach) in about 30-35 minutes of trekking. The trek itself was breathtaking, all along the cliffs. And when I reached the beach, I could not believe what I saw. The beach was totally secluded from the rest of the world and there was no way someone could come there unless he/she knew about it. There was no sign of someone having come there since ages and I enjoyed my time there thoroughly. Shells were strewn all across and I reveled in collecting as many as I could, being reminiscent of my childhood. I had totally lost track of time, when I realized that it would soon turn dark and I should probably get going. Surely a place to go with your loved one to spend some quality time.