Tango Beach Resort

Gaurav Gupta
Day 4: We were transferred from Havelock to Neil island via a govt ferry (with same 2 open decks) again. Neil island is very small island and there are very less properties/hotel here. We visited 3 beaches and my wife also shopped for some bangles, necklaces made from sea shells, you have to bargain here a lot to get a good deal and even then you don't know what is the original cost of the item you purchased :-) On day 5 morning we visited Howrah bridge (not the one in Kolkata). Its a natural bridge made with big rocks over the years. There is nothing great about this place and also the road leading up to this is not good. We have to walk for around 10 minutes covering slippery narrow roads and going over small rocks in approximately 1 foot deep water.
Liz Thottan
Tango beach resort is as simple as it can get... basic, clean and a view of the ocean. No Air conditioners but hey! if i could sleep in the lullaby of the ocean waves who needs air conditioning. At a cost of 800/night this is the best you can get.