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September - May
Families, Couples
15 out of 52 attractions in Munnar

Echo Point

Neha jain
If you are lucky enough, u can spot elephants crossing the river or crossing forests.
Then Echo Point, Robert told us if you howl or scream against hills, nature will answer with echo. Quite strange is the natural responses to the human calls.We tried so many times but I no responses :( I thought God is too busy with other & not answering to our callsFinally we returned back to our hotel at 6PM, thought of roaming & exploring munnar city again by walking but It was raining too heavily.
Footloose Backpackers
· Echo Point: Again plenty opportunities to click pictures; let the child in you shout out loud, for you will enjoy when the echo is heard· Kundala Dam and Lake: This is more of a picnic spot. Pray that the weather is cool and shady and bingo! Do not miss the Bread- Omlette and the lemon tea sold by the local shop-keepers.
Alok Nanda
Echo Point - It is located at a 15 mins ride from Madupatty Dam. According to the nomenclature, it is aptly named on its feature. You can hear your own voice echoed from distant mountain. In addition to that, the picturesque of the location is marvelous. Paddle-boat facility is available here. Horse-riding can also be done here. A good market is also there at this point.