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Tea Museum

We started the sightseeing by visiting the Tea Gardens and these gardens are so beautiful and mesmerizing that its difficult to stop taking pictures because every other point looks better than the previous one. We went to the Tea Museum where the entry fee is approx Rs.125. They show a documentary on Munnar and the history of the Tea estate. After this, in the demo area, they explain how the tea is processed in the factory to get the different varieties like Green , Black and CTC Tea. You can shop varieties of Tea sold here.
Soham Chakraborty
Tania Banerjee
3 PM– It would be a shame to leave Munnar without visiting a tea plantation on foot. The Kannan Devan Hills of Munnar is where the Tata Tea plantation lies. The plantation became infamous after news of underpaid plantation workers took over the media world. Visitors can tour the tea factory where processing of the leaves takes place. A short film is played on a projector. I never sat through the entire movie but sources on the internet say the movie is a propaganda to project how well Tata takes care of the plantation workers. Photography is chargeable. The plantation shuts at 4 PM.
Alok Nanda
Tea Museum- Then we moved to the Tea Museum located in the coimbatore direction. But it was already 4:30 PM. And the entry to the museum was closed ???? . The entry time to the Museum is from 9AM to 4:30PM. In 1 hour visit, they describe the tea manufacturing for half an hour and show a film based on the history of tea for rest half an hour. One could buy fresh tea here at very cheap rate.
The Kanan Devan Hills Planation's (KDHP) Tea Museum in Munnar is India's first ever tea museum and here you can have a journey through the tea history of this place. The documentary film on Kanan Devan Tea Planation is a good watch and there is a retail outlet within the building that sells the plantation's produce and some tea accessories too. You can also buy some tea wood (for making furniture or as a decor) and some do some shopping from Tata's Srishti Welfare Centre (1.5 kms from the museum)