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Kolukkumalai Tea

Subithraj N K
The sunrise view point is on The kerala side. We had a wonderful view of the sunrise. On the way there is a modern tea factory at suryanelli. The entry fee here is Rs.150/.
Soham Chakraborty
The next day, we decided to go around and visit the local sightseeing places. We started off with the tea museum and the Kolukkumalai tea gardens. Munnar is the third largest tea producer in India after Darjeeling and Assam. Tea gardens are definitely the best thing about Munnar!
Cherian Varghese
The starting at 4.15am changed to 4.30am. Still, Chithran was impressed. He didn't expect to start the trek by at least 5am. The men were awake till 12 yesterday, still, they managed to wake up by 4am. The kids stayed back and some ladies in the group too. But rest of the team was ready for the Kolukkumalai trek.Kolukkumalai Jeep trek was a great experience. They realised waking up at 4 was for something really worthy. Atop Kolukkumalai, it was foggy. Still, the orange tune of the eastern sky was promising. Above those tangerine mountains, kissed to their heady blush by the warm rays, the giant red ball raised. The group of mere silhouettes began to radiate all the colours they are born with, as the rays, strong and bright, lit the hills past the mist. Kolukkumalai sunrise trek has always been an inevitable part of camping in Munnar. Heading back to the camp was difficult. The sight was to live, not leave.Back at Camp Woody, breakfast was ready. The team has asked for some activities near the camp. Chithran already has plans for that.
Vineet Chavan
Vineet Chavan
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