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June - February
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Kabini Dam

Aravindh Rengaraj
Next morning, we started to Kabini at 4.30 am so that we will reach there before 5.50 am (the time which that strict officer told the safari starts at). This ride was so thrilling because we forgot to fill petrol for the dio (which has a 5L fuel tank), and no shops and petrol pumps were open at that time. The pointern has already crossed down the red mark and still we had 25 km to go. So Vignesh maintained the average speed so that it gives "more" mileage. Somehow we reached the safari starting point at correct time and got into the safari canter. (That safari canter is a 27 seat van with open windows)The safari started and the driver took us into the forest. Within few minutes, we spotted 3 tigers sitting on the left side of the road. After seeing us they ran away and we could not see them clearly. After few seconds, we spotted a lone tiger on our right near a pond. Yes, at last I spotted a tiger in the forest. We spent some ten minutes capturing photographs of him. As the light was poor at 6.30 am there, I boosted the ISO, hence there is some noise in the photo. Resuming our safari, we spotted a bird of eagle family, deer, peacock, boar and small birds.
Rashmi Gopal Rao
One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka, Kabini is a perfect getaway in case if you want to experience the best of nature. Synonymous with spectacular wildlife and lush greenery, Kabini was the erstwhile private hunting grounds of the British and Mysore Maharajahs. 
Standing in reception was a huge stuffed tiger...I instantly thought 'hey that's a bit inappropriate' given it was meant to be an eco-safari lodge and the tigers are protected. On closer inspection though it was revealed that this tiger wasn't actually hunted. It was found by one of the naturalists that work at Kabini in a ditch one day, the casualty of a fight to the death with a rival tiger from the neighbouring Bandipur National Park. A sad story but I was relieved the tiger hadn't been killed for sport.