Bhadrapur Airport

Sunil was in Birtamode who came from his home on the same day and was coming to pick me up on bike. We were to reach Shree Antu, Ilam till the evening that was ~70 KM far. He came at around 16:30. We had delicious fish on the nearby cafe. After reaching Birtamode we met Mani Dai - whose bike we were and will be using for few more days, had some chitchat and headed towards Antu, it was already 18:00. Following the two lane Mechi Highway we crossed Kanyam then Phikkal and took the sub way towards Sunil's home, which was ~10 KM away. Two Third of the road was in a good condition but the remaining was rugged one, heavy and continuous rain few days back made it slippery too. To conquer that path bike was accelerated with big sound, and village silence made it more bigger. With final bhroom-bhroom we reached home by 22:00, had A+ dinner and went to the bed.