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Bhaktapur is one of the ancient cities of Nepal. The other two were Kathmandu and Patan (also known as Lalitpur). The Bhaktapur durbar Square has some very beautiful temples and architecture. Bhaktapur is only 12 km from Nagarkot and you can explore this region while staying at Nagarkot. Local buses are available from Nagarkot to Bhaktapur. But be prepared for a bumpy ride. The local buses are also usually very crowded. You can also hire a car for Bhaktapur and rest of Kathmandu sightseeing.
Bhakatapur is one of those places in Nepal which suffered huge damages during 2015 Earthquake.
Nazim Ansari
Kathmandu is also a very good market place for travelers and trekkers. So I decided to roam around and bought few useful things for the trekking in very cold and challenging conditions. Basically you can get almost everything related to trekking.Kathmandu to PhapluAfter spending couple of comfortable days in Kathmandu I took the Jeep in sharing to Phaplu with the help of my Nepali friend. It is a 10 hours of scary road journey. I was praying in the entire journey since we had to go through the mountains by road. I think that is the most dangerous road journey I had. I reached Phaplu at around 4:00 pm and immediately started trekking after some snacks. I decided to trek for just couple of hours till sunset just to warm up because I knew that the coming 2-3 weeks will test my physical ability.So basically there are starting points for the EBC trek. Most famous and most preferred is Lukla (2860m) which has a small airport. Trekkers directly go to Lukla from Kathmandu by planes and then they start trekking from there.
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For Nepal, another challenge adds up to their list – the volatile tectonic plates. Nepal witnesses earthquake almost every 15-20 days; sometimes the vibrations are barely recognizable; on some other occasions, such as the one in 2015, it all went berserk, devastating almost everything this historic city had for its visitors to witness.Yet, there is an amazing sense of inner peace here. People are still lively and ever smiling, ever helpful along the way. They have learnt to live in harmony with the nature. ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ resonates in the air. It always forwards blessings and happiness for people here.Read More Stories from Nepal
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4. Pottery is an art at Bhaktapur, Surely worth checking out!Bhaktapur is a place little away from the buzzing Kathmandu, and you'll instantly see how different it is from the vibrant and crowded Thamel.Around the attractions, you can find a lot of shops for souvenirs and clothes. But the main takeaway for shoppers in Bhaktapur is the traditional pots that are meticulously designed by the local artisans.Just close to Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the Pottery Square, where you'll find rows and rows of shops with plenty of pots. Dotted with paintings depicting Buddhist symbols to nature to abstract art, the pots come in all sizes.During the day time, the place is filled with tourists taking a look at the artists creating wonderful pots. Women would be found carrying on with the pottery making process like drying them by placing them in haystacks, arranging them or decorating the shops.It felt lovely to observe how pottery is not just another thing that people sold here, but a part of their culture. Their life revolves around pottery making, and the tradition is still strong, which is what makes it special.Not just that, you can also try your hand at making a pot as well!Cost: Between 1000 to 2000 INR. But make sure you get it packed very well, if you wish to take home in one piece!