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Hike Nepal
Day 8 : Trek to DeuraliElevation: 3,100 m/10,170 ftTime: 6-7 hoursWe stroll through thick rhododendron and bamboo backwoods until the point that we reach Doval. After a tiring stroll for some time, we will stop for lunch at The Himalaya Hotel in transit. After lunch we will begin our trek once more, experiencing singular timberland woods. We will remain medium-term in Deurali. We have to climb around 800 m in the present trek and the following day's trek expects us to rise 1,000 m, in this manner we will rest early today around evening time.
As we reached there, a confusion doomed us - whether to continue to Forest Camp or call it a day. Both of us were completely new to the trail afterwards so we inquired about the time to reach Forest camp, everybody said about 5 hrs. minimum. Clouds were hovering around the hill making the surrounding dark, it was raining lightly so we didn't want to walk in the dense jungle at night rather decided to stay there - it was just 15:30. We were not happy with the decision though.We went to the room just to drop the bags then got back and stayed in a warm dining room sipping tea in a big glass. That was actually boring so we decided to follow the trail towards Forest camp for few moments, just for fun. Chirping birds and flowing winds through trees - that was magical evening inside the jungle.After having usual dinner, 'Dal - Bhat', we were off to the bed thinking of amazing journey till High Camp the next day.
Rohit kumar Singh Jadon
Tuesday: [Chhomrong to Deurali] Another day of trek, the level will get a little difficult from the previous day. Trek for this day is for 5-6 hours. You stay in lodges, the accommodation cost remains the same NPR 200(₹125) but the food will get expensive as you go up. It will cost you about NPR 1,300(₹815) for two meals.Total expense at the end of day: ₹5,941
We went inside the Himalayan Hotel & Restaurant and ordered black tea then lunch. As we entered, exchange of smile and " Namaste" happened there too. In the meantime I charged the camera and phone. The sip of black tea felt so awesome in the freezing cold atmosphere. Our entry inside the hotel was followed by heavy rain and it continued for long. Lunch became ready in an hour and we didn't make any delay on having it. Rice was not cooked well but we had it anyway. Despite the rain we decided to move to Machhapuchchhre Base Camp (MBC) and tagged ourselves with some other trekking groups. After about 15-20 minutes of trek, we reached a relatively open part and saw a board that read ' Avalanche Prone Area'. As the left side was more risky it was closed and we followed the slippery path to the right, crossing Modi Khola. The trail was completely white and it started snowing. We were happy to experience the snow fall and at the same time a bit worried about the trail to MBC, which was said to be the riskiest among all. We kept on following the snow covered upward track. In the time being, the snow fall became intense, not giving us time to wait. We were following a porter as other groups were left behind, so we had to keep him in our visibility distance and at the same time maintain the proper speed; such scenario continued until MBC. Then we decided to drink tea there because we were feeling too cold, so we followed the snow covered steps to one hotel, ordered black tea and in no time it arrived. That was somehow enough to beat the cold at least for some minutes. In the meantime, clock ticked 3:00 PM. Due to intense & continuous snowfall and cold atmosphere we decided to stay there for that day even if that was too early and move to ABC early tomorrow. And that decision came to be the WORST decision of our life.