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Shreeya Dhapola
After lunch we started our journey from there.Watching the hills coming closer and cold winds blowing was a great experience.
Jamie Ball
The bus luckily did arrive, and an hour later we were back in Dharan. We spent a little time wandering around the center, checking out a few of its parks and local markets. Again, it was more reminiscent of a city in India and seemed a lot more chaotic than those in Nepal. I was getting a little leggy and fancied some food. I asked Suma if he wanted to get anything, but made the slightly cheeky request that we go for something western. I had a craving for anything that wasn’t noodles or rice. We asked around and tracked down the name of a bar that served cocktails and stone cooked pizza. I didn’t need any more convincing.And there we sat for the rest of the afternoon and evening, enjoying a few cold beers and a vegetarian pizza. We chatted about the trip. The highlights, the disappointments, and Suma was also interested to hear of any improvements that could be made to improve Indra Homestay. Some of these things I will share with you in just a bit.We had an early Daal bhat back at the hotel, although I definitely wasn’t able to manage a second portion as usual, and we went to bed early. We were heading back to Kathmandu the next day and had another early rise to come.ConlusionEastern Nepal is a truly stunning part of the country, and I must share Milan's sentiments. It is sad that most travelers do not venture into this part of Nepal and see and feel the culture.I saw such a vast variety of landscapes and I met so many wonderfully friendly people that I can't wait to come back and the visit again one day.My only regrets come in the shape of my time scale and my choice of transport.I wish I had maybe just a couple more days to explore as I felt my time in the villages on day 5 was nowhere near sufficient. I would also say that the journey to Ilam could have perhaps been split up. 12 hours in a bus is not for the faint-hearted. Perhaps a stop half way near Dharan would have been a good idea.But perhaps the biggest mistake was not listening to Milan about taking a private jeep. I was on a budget so this wasn't an option, but if I was to do it again with a friend or a group, the jeep would definitely be the way to go. It would provide way more comfort, the opportunity to stop off and get some great snaps of some of the beautiful places you pass, and it would also save you from the problems caused by public transport.If anyone is interested in organizing a tour to Eastern Nepal, visit www.indrahomestay.com, or contact them at info@indrahomestay.com. They also have a facebook and instagram page.Frequent Searches Leading To This Page:-Things to do in eastern Nepal, eastern development region destinations, nepal tourism photos, eastern nepal tour package