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Medha Kapoor
Next destination - Dingboche is a village at an altitude of 4360 m. Dingboche is a place where you start smelling success and feel ab manzil door nahi! (The destination is nearing now). It is also one of days with the longest trekking time (about 7-8 hours).It is during this particular day, you will finally be able to have a very clear view of the tip of the Mount Everest! Though you will only be able to see the tip, you can make out from the formation of the clouds on the t0p, that the wind is blowing at a speed of 150kms upwards! (Just like how they show in the movie - Everest)By now, the weather will become really cold and temperatures are likely to drop to sub zero levels at night. The wind will also become very dry by now, and you'll have to trek with maximal clothing. This is the day, you are very likely to realize how powerful and merciless nature is, and will be in awe about everything around you! (photos!)(Pro tip: Always carry lozenges with you to keep your throat from going dry and itchy. The buff is also an absolute essential in order to keep the wind from entering your mouth and drying it and giving rise to the infamous "Kumbhu Cough") (Solokumbhu is the district which houses Sagarmatha national park, hence the name, Kumbhu cough)This day is also where the effects of altitude mostly begin to kick in. You are more likely to experience altitude related sickness such as headaches, blurry visions, nausea, extreme breathlessness, elevated heart rate etc. To counter the altitude sickness, remember to walk very slowly and drink lots of water.
Nazim Ansari
Conditions got Tougher and more BeautifulOn the ninth day of my Trek I reached Dingboche (4410m). And then I realized that when I started my trek it was all green mountains with lots of vegetation on the way but what I see is very dry mountains with snow on the top. And oxygen level was also decreasing on every day due to height where I reached. It was the time to have one more day of rest in Dingboche to acclimatize.Here is one thing I learnt during my research before the trek that if you wanna avoid High Altitude Sickness than sleep at the lower altitude than you were during the day. So n day rest day I went to a small hike at a higher point to get used to of the conditions and came back so once I went up and came down thats when I was comfortable to sleep in Dingboche and its advised that there should not be more 600m difference in the altitude of the place where you spend the last night.
Halfway there, we came across some small dwellings in the middle of nowhere, which are usually occupied in winters/monsoons by the locals.
And then we reached our destination for the day - DINGBOCHE. This picture gives a birds-eye view of this town.
Lucy Plummer
On Day 5 you’ll reach 4000m and the terrain will change as you reach Dingbouche. It’ll be much colder during the day and you’ll need your down jacket from this point.