Ilam Bazzar

After 20-25 minutes we stopped in the roadside cafe to have breakfast along with some local friends. We had some clicking session as well. Then we continued our journey up till Ranitar watching shining Kumbhakarna and Kanchenjunga on the left, and downhill till Puwa Khola passing Ranke and Sankhejung. Crossing the Puwa Khola bridge the highway again began to go up. After 7-8 Km of uphill ride, we continued straight for 5 more Km. Leaving the places such as Barbote and Biblyante behind we stopped near Chyangba Hotel, Ilam at around 10:00. We ordered lunch set and washed our tiredness. After 30 minutes we had delicious food - Rice, Daal, Vegetable, Mutton, Pickle etc. ;). We spent some time roaming around the town and had some rest till 15:00 then went to view tower to have the panoramic surrounding view. After spending nearly an hour there we hiked around tea estate, tea factory, campus, temples until sunset. After hike we had nice 'Motton MoMo' in Dhobidhara - the rarest one in K-Town. The city famous for tea production has pristine landscapes of sloped tea gardens, forests, holy sites etc. Walking in the gentle slops of the tea garden following winding path under the blue sky was simply awesome.We had good time with friends in the evening, had lunch and by 10:30 the room lights were turned off.Day 5 - Mai Pokhari then back to district headquarter