Mai Pokhari is a wetland (Ramsar Site) in Ilam and also a pilgrimage center for both Hindus and Buddhists. With catchment of 12 hectares, it is located ~19 KM away from the district headquarter. Our ride started at around 8:00 and followed Mechi Highway till Barbote then followed rough subway towards uphill. We were slowly gaining heights riding on a rough way, except for few places. Surrounding landscapes were beautiful enough to make us forget the bumpy ride. After 1½ hour trip on rocky track we reached the peaceful spot - Mai Pokhari at the elevation of 2100 m. About 1 Km hike covering the circumference of the pond was the best option to get closer to the nature; one unique thing about the lake is that all corners are not visible from any one corner - may need a drone to view the actual shape. After short hike and photo session we had black tea and got ready to start downhill ride. Following the same rugged track we were in the city by 11:30; had special lunch in Sunil's sister's home - that was beautiful moment to be guest while travelling ;).In last 2 days I somehow became local to the beautiful city. I realized what I heard about etymology behind the name 'ilam'.In Limbu language, the word ' I' means ' winding' and ' lam ' denotes to the way. Upon looking at the topography ilam, we can actually see several winding paths crisscrossing on the way. Ilam is popular for its six "A"s: they are Alu (Potato), Alan (Milk), Alainchi (Cardamom), Aduwa (Ginger), Amriso (Broom Grass), and Akabare khursani (Round Chillies).While visiting Ilam you should not miss two best milk items - Bambaison and Lollypop. We spent the remaining day doing nothing mentionable; had lunch and went to bed and started dreaming.Day 6 - Ilam ➟ Shree AntuAfter waking up at 6:30 we freshen up then be ready to move from the city. Next destination was 'Kanyam Tea Garden - most popular tea estate of Ilam' that was ~40 KM crossing Mai Khola then following the most winding portion of the highway. It was about 7:00 when we started that day's journey. In no time we reached Mai Khola Bridge and had breakfast.