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Le Voyageur
The uphill battle doesn’t end here for this prodigy. His toughest challenge is yet to come. Conquering Mt. Makalu, an attempt he has made thrice already, is his next stepping stone. This year would mark his fourth attempt to scale this peak. The massive Nepal earthquake was an obstacle to his previous attempt. Arjun has been fighting tooth and nail against all odds to succeed in this venture of his, after which he would be the youngest person in history to have climbed four 8,000-metre peaks!
Fatema Diwan
Word of advise, this is a tough one. So if you are new to trekking, give yourself some more time before coming here. It begins at Tulimlingtar, which is at sea level and slowly rises up the altitude. Makalu is the fifth higest mountain, east of Everest and so you can only imagine the intensity of the trail. But, it is worth the effort. The trail drops down to the lovely Arun Valley before it rises up again into the Bamboo forests. The Barun valley part of the trail begins in pleasant green meadows, but quickly rises into an alpine zone of long ridges of lateral moraine. The Barun Glacier provides an unusual and rare view of the Everest. A must take trek for all the adventurists.