Despite of wild and tired last day, I woke up at around 6:30. I was surprised to get the awesome view of Ganesh and Langtang Himalayan range from the window creating perfect first scene for the music video of the song 'Bihana Uthne Bittikai... Himal Dekhna Payiyos... '. I immediately grabbed my camera and went outside, it was freezing. After few shots I get back to the room, changed the dress and went outside again. Sun was about to get out from the hill as rays spread over the sky making the surrounding Himalayan range more awesome. After spending 10-15 minutes alone, I called friends too. As sun got out, the freezing village started getting some life.We were yet to wash our faces, which was difficult to do with cold water. So we asked for a bowl of warm water and ordered 3 black coffees. After being fresh, we sipped the coffee, packed up the bags and ready to move in the easy trail to Thulo Syabru. The trails from Mulkharka to Thulo Sybru was towards down. We had gentle walk inside the forest where group of Langur Monkeys were playing in the big trees, in some places we crossed small pastures. With the fun, we once missed the main trail and kept on walking in the narrow trail inside the jungle that luckily later joined the missed route. There were thick dust in some portion of the trail. Despite there were no one on the route except us, I rushed to be in front of two friends and as I walked, the dust got spread around the trail, in the shoes and in the lower section of trousers ;). During the walk we crossed few places with human settlements such as Dursa, Garta village etc., where the trails were stone paved. As we got down, the snow capped mountains started fading and Thulo Syabru came to the scene. Rhododendron trees full of flowers welcomed us in different sections and it was ~10:30 when we reached Thulo Syabru. The descent was real fun.